Unclaimed Money North Dakota Explained

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Do You Have Unclaimed Money in North Dakota?

There is around $58 billion in unclaimed money held by states, national agencies, and various organizations. North Dakota's part exceeds $29 million, and if you are a current or a former resident, some of that money might belong to you.

The state government already returned a significant amount to their rightful owners, but the process is not automatic, and you have to search for any forgotten property yourself.

DoNotPay helps you find your unclaimed assets and provides all relevant info—from trustworthy sources with glowing reviews to the waiting period for getting your funds.

Where Does the Unclaimed Money in North Dakota Come From?

There are lots of reasons why you may have forgotten assets in North Dakota. Here are some of them:


You may have been entitled to a refund for a purchase but didn't claim it.

After a certain period, the company had to turn over those funds to the state


If you moved and didn't leave your new address to your former landlord, you may be owed some money.

This can happen if a landlord didn't return your deposit or you had rent paid in advance, and they couldn't contact you after you left

Unknown Inheritance

You may have a relative who passed away and left you some assets, but their lawyers cannot get in touch with you

Job Changes

If you quit or were fired, your former employer may not be able to reach you and deliver your last paycheck.

This happens when you change your contact info and don’t inform your former employer.

Even if the owner doesn't want to bother to pick up a small amount left in a company, that company will still turn over those assets to the state

What Is Unclaimed Money in ND?

An unclaimed asset can be any account a person had in a financial institution or funds within a company. The assets become unclaimed if:

  • There is no activity on the account—no manual deposits or withdrawals
  • The holder of the assets cannot get in touch with the owner

If that inactivity lasts for up to three years, the holder has to turn over the funds to the government.

The institution responsible for returning unclaimed assets to its owners in North Dakota is the Unclaimed Property Division of the Department of Trust Lands.

The three-year term is called a dormancy period, and it varies from state to state. In North Dakota, the dormancy lasts up to three years for most assets, after which the holder must report the property to the Unclaimed Property Division.

The funds remain with the institution indefinitely, and you can claim them whenever you want.

How Many Types of Unclaimed Assets Are There?

While states may have different dormancy periods and processes for claiming assets, most of them have a similar view on what counts as unclaimed property.

Some of the common types of unclaimed assets include:

The list is far more extensive than this and can include a variety of assets.

Certain items cannot be considered unclaimed property, and they are usually of a tangible nature. Assets like cars, real estate, furniture, or any stolen property cannot be claimed from the state.

How To Find and Claim North Dakota Unclaimed Money on Your Own

There are several factors to consider before searching for unclaimed assets.

If you resided in more than one state and would like to search for unclaimed funds in all of them, you should know that the United States doesn’t have a centralized system designed for this purpose.

You would have to search for each state individually. There is a National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators that could speed up the process. This is not a federal database, but it provides info and links on finding assets in different states.

Take note that you may be asked to provide some personal info, such as your full name, current and former addresses, your Social Security number, or previous employers.

Assuming you have decided to search for unclaimed funds on your own, your best option as an ND resident is to use the Unclaimed Property Division of North Dakota website.

Once you access the website, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Claiming Property tab in the header
  2. Pick Search Unclaimed Properties from the drop-down menu
  3. Type in your name or the name of your business
  4. Provide additional info to narrow down your search
  5. Click on the Search button
  6. Hit the CLAIM button next to the property that may belong to you
  7. Click on the VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES button

The service is free, but the process may take a while. You’ll also have to refine the search by adding additional info if you get too many results.

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  2. Click on the Missing Money tool
  3. Provide your full name and your current and previous addresses
  4. Click on the Claim My Property feature to begin the process

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