How to Dispute A UMass Parking Ticket [Easy]

Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City How to Dispute A UMass Parking Ticket [Easy]

How to Beat a UMass Parking Ticket

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A parking ticket citation issued in the University of Massachusetts can be easily contested, and this article will guide you on how to do so! 

Parking Citation Penalties at UMass

There are numerous traffic violations that you could be committing in the University of Massachusetts that will lead to a parking citation and a fine you must pay. The following table provides an overview:

Violation Code Fine
Violation of a Handicapped Area 1 $150
Fraudulent Use of a Permit 2 $150
Violation of a special enforcement zone 3 $74
Improper use of a loading zone 4 $45
Parking within a fire lane, fire zone or 10 feet of a fire hydrant 5 $45
Blocking an access lane 6 $45
Parking within an emergency vehicle zone 7 $45
Parking within a reserved space or lot 8 $60
Parking in a bus stop 9 $45
Blocking a platform, service area or delivery area 10 $45
Parking in a no parking zone or area 12 $40
Double parking 15 $30
Parking not within marked lines 17 $30
Parking facing the direct flow of traffic  18 $30
Parking in violation of the snow removal policy 19 $20
Improper display of permit 20 $20
Meter violation 21 $25
Impound of vehicle 23 $25
UMPD – Special Alert 25 $0
Towing of vehicle 26 $25
Parking within a lower garage space without a permit 27 $75
Parked after 5 PM in a 24 hour reserved lot 33 $40
Parked in violation of night or weekend regulations 34 $20

How Do I Pay a Parking Citation at the University of Massachusetts?

You have four options for paying a parking citation issued by the University of Massachusetts. The main four methods of paying a citation to the Parking Department are:

  • In person
  • Online
  • By the Phone
  • Mail In

Pay In Person

You can pay at the Parking Clerk at Transportation Services.

  • Ensure that you bring the ticket or notice and form of payment.
  • The acceptable forms of payment include: a credit and debit card, money order or personal check.
  • Cash payments are not accepted.
  • Checks and money orders must be made payable to: UMass Boston Scholarship Fund and should include your ticket number and plate number on the front of the money order or check to ensure proper credit.
  • All credit card transactions have a $2.95 surcharge fee per ticket.

Pay Online

  • You can pay your parking ticket online on the link found here.
  • Enter your plate number.
  • Acceptable forms of payments include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  
  • There is a surcharge of $2.95 per ticket for all tickets paid online.

Pay By Phone

  • Call +1 (866) 980-5363 to pay your parking citation.
  • Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There will be telephone instructions that you must follow to pay the fine.
  • Acceptable payment forms are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 
  • There is a surcharge of $2.95 per ticket for all tickets paid by the phone. 

Mail In

  • Mail in a check or money order.
  • The money order must be made payable to UMass Boston Scholarship Fund
  • Mailing Address: University of Massachusetts, Boston Department of Transportation Services, 100 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125 
  • Do not mail in cash!

Is It Really Possible to Dispute a Parking Ticket?

Yes. Even if you are unsuccessful in disputing the citation, there is still a chance that your fine will be reduced. The following table includes valid reasons for appealing a ticket and invalid reasons for appealing a ticket:

Valid reasons for appealing a parking ticket Invalid reasons for appealing a parking ticket
  • Gathering a great amount of evidence that proves that you did not commit the violation, this can include a current permit or valid receipt that need to be presented when the appeal is submitted. 
  • If you can prove that there was a meter malfunction by including documentation, receipts and pictures.
  • Presenting a valid permit – a copy of the permit must be included in your ticket appeal.
  • Picture of a sign, or absence of a sign, where you parked.
  • Prove that you were driving a law enforcement vehicle. 
  • Proof that your car broke down through documentation from a car repair shop or a towing receipt
  • Being unaware of the parking rules and regulations
  • Disagreeing with the fine 
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Writing down the wrong parking space number
  • Forgetfulness
  • Writing does the wrong license plate number
  • Accidentally pressing the wrong number of hours
  • An expired permit, or one that is incorrect.
  • If you are fined for failure to present a permit, you cannot appeal the ticket if you could simply not find it or if it fell. 
  • That you did not see a parking sign
  • Did not have the intention to illegally park.
  • No one else received a ticket despite parking in a similar way
  • You have done this before but  have never been ticketed for it
  • I went to get change to pay for the parking meter

Contest Parking Tickets at University of Massachusetts

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