Best Way to Make a Claim on the Toyota Paint Recall

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How to Take Advantage of the Toyota Paint Recall

Toyota has always been a solid car manufacturer which has given it mass appeal. They make everything from basic Scions to the more impressive and luxurious Lexus. Their one major problem is peeling paint that has led to a Toyota paint recall.

For years, a major complaint by people who love Toyota has been its paint. They may buy a car and just a few years later have to paint it. The problems began in 2009 and have plagued the company ever since. This has prompted Toyota to offer paint warranties that extend to 14 years.

How do you know if you qualify for this recall? If you have DoNotPay in your corner, you can search for recalls by VINs to see if your car or truck falls under the auto paint recall.

Do You Know How to Take Advantage of the Toyota Clear Coat Recall?

We usually think of recalls as a company attempting to repair an issue that is hazardous to our health. A sunscreen recall because it doesn't do anything to prevent sunburn or a Tyson chicken recall because it may have diseases in it.

The Toyota Tacoma paint recall isn't for public safety. It is designed to help you love your vehicle just a little more.

In February 2020, Toyota announced that it would fix the faulty paint if your vehicle was affected by the recall. To take full advantage of it, you must:

  • Wait for a letter from Toyota
  • Schedule an appointment with a Toyota dealer
  • Show up to the appointment and the dealership will make repairs

There is a catch though. The program is broken into two parts: primary coverage and secondary coverage.

  1. Primary Coverage is in effect until February 2022. There are no year or mileage limits in effect.
  2. Secondary Coverage begins after February and is good for 10 years from the date that the vehicle was first licensed. This means that even if you are not the original owner, you can still get your paint repaired.

The downside is that the repairs will not cover any damages that have been done to the body, only certain colors are covered, and if your warranty has already expired, you are not covered.

If your vehicle's paint is showing its age prematurely, and you would rather not wait for a letter that may or may not come to you, it can be tricky to find out if you qualify. Dealerships often prefer to not get involved in searching recall statuses. It becomes even more complicated if you have moved since buying your vehicle, ensuring that there is no way to contact you through the mail.

Can I Report an Issue to Take Advantage of the Toyota Paint Recall?

Anytime you report an issue, recalls are slow to happen. It can be even slower to get the results you want. The Toyota Tacoma white paint recall has been going on for several years. It isn't something as important as the Metformin recall.

If you are interested in keeping track of whether there is a recall for a product or vehicle you have, DoNotPay can do the hard stuff for you. We can check for known vehicle issues and recalls using our Car Recall Monitor. We can also show you how to move forward with scheduling an appointment with your local dealership if your car qualifies for the Toyota Highlander paint recall.

If your vehicle has been recalled, you're entitled to a free repair. Regardless of whether it's a used or new car, you can use the DoNotPay Car Recall Repair product to schedule an appointment at your local car dealership and get your vehicle repaired.

How the Car Recall Repair product works:

  1. Enter your vehicle information, including the make, model, and year.
  2. Tell us about the recall and which part of the vehicle is impacted.
  3. Enter the car dealership you want to visit or let us contact the closest one near you.
  4. Enter the ideal date(s) and time(s) you want to schedule your appointment for.
  5. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number.

And that's it! DoNotPay will contact your local dealership to request an appointment and ask for your vehicle to be repaired for free.

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