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Thousands of Refrigerators Poised for a Samsung Ice Maker Recall

Every year, companies recall hundreds of items because of safety issues. Recalls also occur when things like cars and appliances fail to function. If you are like thousands of consumers who are unhappy with their ice maker, you may be wondering if there is a .

Class Action Suit Against Samsung Facilitated by Facebook Group

If 95,000 members of a Facebook group called Samsung Refrigerator Recall USA Now are to be believed, Samsung has been failing its customers for many years. So much, in fact, that television station WTKR in North Carolina did its own investigation into Samsung refrigerators and concluded that a large number of Samsung refrigerators have problems with leakage, improper temperature control, and ice makers that do not work as expected.

According to the TV station, KDVR in Colorado, a class-action lawsuit against Samsung was filed in New Jersey in February 2017. Problems noted in the lawsuit included but were not limited to:

  • Buzzing, clicking, grinding, and knocking noises coming from the fans
  • Excessive build-up of ice crystals and water droplets
  • Ice buckets that become stuck and hard to remove
  • Parts that freeze up and stop working
  • Slushy ice
  • Water leaks under the crisper trays

KDVR explained that the class action lawsuit lists more than 20 models of Samsung refrigerators and includes 28 pages of complaints from thousands of consumers.

According to ClassAction, the last significant movement in the class action suit against Samsung happened in April 2018, when attorneys for the manufacturer filed a motion to dismiss the case. That hasn't happened yet, but Samsung did release an in-house company memo in 2015 that identified dozens of refrigerators that had ice maker problems of which the company was aware.

July 2015 List of Samsung Refrigerator Models That Are Having Problems

Model Number

In May 2017, Samsung released an in-house service bulletin noting problems with Direct Cool ice makers in French Door refrigerator models. Service bulletin ASC20170602002 noted that the problems may have stemmed from inefficient defrosting, blocked air ducts, failed auger motors, or improper sealing and recommended the following:

  1. Sealing Ice Room with RTV Sealant
  2. Checking and adjusting water line placement in the Ice Room
  3. Inspecting Auger Motor Assembly for Styrofoam packing
  4. Inspecting Ice Route flapper for a proper seal
  5. Inspecting Ice Bucket for a proper sea
  6. Installing Ice Room Service Kit in all cases
  7. Replacing the Ice Maker Assembly in all cases

Is There a Recall on Samsung Refrigerator Ice Makers?

Despite thousands of consumer complaints, Samsung has not yet issued a formal recall for ice makers. According to ABC Action News, a spokesperson for the company said in 2017 that they were unable to confirm or deny if Samsung would indeed recall ice makers in the future.

Samsung did, however, recall several of its top-loading washing machines back in 2016. Machines impacted by the recall included wa48h7400aw, wa45k7600aw, wa40j3000aw, wa50r5200aw, and wa45m7050aw.

Samsung Refrigerator Recall List

Appliance recalls typically happen when a certain number of complaints come to the attention of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For this and other reasons, it is safe to assume that a Samsung refrigerator ice maker recall will happen sometime in the near future.

How to Claim a Samsung Appliance Recall on Your Own

The first thing to do is to verify that your refrigerator or other appliance is part of a recall. Visit the Samsung website and check the home page to see if a recall is in place. When the company recalled top-loading washing machines, they offered consumers their choice of free in-home repair or a rebate that could be applied to the purchase of a new washer.

Alternatively, you can call Samsung at 1-866-264-5636 and ask about recalls.

DoNotPay Is the Best Way to Claim Any Recall

Rather than monitoring the Samsung website or watching the news for ice maker recalls, you can sign up with DoNotPay and let us handle the hard work for you. Our artificial intelligence system never gets tired and will let you know if and when anything you've purchased is subject to a recall.

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Samsung Ice Maker Recalls Isn’t All We Do

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