Get Your Sun Communities HOA Fees Waived Quickly

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Get Your Sun Communities HOA Fees Waived Quickly

is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in managing the ownership of both RV communities and manufactured households. Though some may initially look at RV communities with the initial interpretation of them being somewhat low value, Sun Communities manages to counteract this less than flattering impression by providing a quality of service that is widely considered above average, if not particularly high. Sun Communities is a REIT that specializes in the operation of relatively high-quality communities that can still be accessible to those who have a slightly more restrictive budget than otherwise and are looking for more affordable options.

Of all the REITs in operation, is one of the largest companies that is publicly traded, while maintaining specialization on the specific communities that it serves. In 2020, Sun Communities reported:

  • 426 manufactured RV and housing communities owned by the REIT
  • Communities in 33 states
  • Communities on over 140,000 sites

Overall, Sun Communities owns approximately:

  • 34 mixed communities
  • 26 RV communities
  • 266 manufactured home communities

In terms of all the revenue that Sun Communities generates from all of its manufactured home leases, the total percentage accounts for about 73 percent of revenue overall; 50 percent is derived from transient RV site rentals and 12 percent comes from annual RV site leases. Nearly half of the home properties that are manufactured are age-restricted retirement communities.

Sun Communities Fees Explained

To fulfill the Sun Communities Rental Incentive requirements, there is both:

  1. An initial $20 application fee
  2. A $199 closing fee for select homes

In addition to the , there will also be both an additional security deposit and possibly a second security deposit required for those who want to rent with a pet.

Sample Hardship Letter for HOA Fees

If for any reason you incur certain hardships related to either medical or professional challenges that keep you from being able to fill your financial obligations to the community fees, you can write a letter that expresses your genuine remorse for being unable to satisfy the fees as normal and provide context as to why these things have occurred. Writing the proper hardship letter can be an essential step in making sure that any unexpected speed bumps in your general income flow don't become the cause for possible termination of your rental or homeownership agreement due to misunderstandings. The following is a sample of how you might compose a letter:

"I am writing to inform you of the context as to why I was unable to satisfy my usual rental fee agreement due to loss of work for weeks. Emergency savings that would generally be available to help us make rent during hardships were depleted to address these unexpected medical fees because of an injury. Now that I fully recovered from the injury and can return to work as normal, I would be completely willing and able to resume paying the amount indicated in my initial deposit with no issues and am open to possible adjustments that could be made with interest to missed payments so far."

How to Avoid and Appeal Sun Communities HOA Fees

The only way that you can have certain fee reduction specials applied to new leases with Sun Communities is if you are making a new lease agreement which is not a weekly rental program. Your best case to make for possible specials to be applied to get a deal on your community fees would be to inquire with the community office itself and see if they might be willing to make a contextual exception.

After receiving a discounted site rental deal for anything longer than 12 months, be aware that the site rent will receive annual market increases at a fixed rate on an ongoing basis.

Possible Difficulties That You May Face When It Comes to Sun Communities HOA fees

Though you may receive an initial discount to your rental site, it is important to be aware that the rental pricing that you initially agree to could be changed at any particular time. There is no guarantee that you will receive a warning or notice when it comes to these sudden rental changes. Pricing can change for home purchases as well. This possible change to the terms of pricing may also apply to any application fees, closing fees, taxes, and security deposits.

How DoNotPay Can Help Fight and Waive Sun Communities HOA Fees

In some cases, you may not have many options when it comes to waiving fees from Sun Communities. However, you can take things up to the next level of your case for support by investing in DoNotPay to help with making sure that your fees remain at a relatively manageable level. No matter what the circumstances are. Here's how you can use DoNotPay to appeal fees:

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