Contesting Spokane Parking Tickets Without A Lawyer

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Overturn Spokane Parking Tickets Easily

Parking ticket fees are under the responsibilities of the Spokane Municipal Court. When an officer issues a ticket, paying and disputing it should be done with the Parking Violations office. In this article, we will walk you through the process of paying and disputing Spokane parking tickets and an alternative way to do so quickly and easily.

How Much Are Parking Violation Fees in Spokane?

Parking violations fines in Spokane were increased in June 2021. This was after a study discovered that the fines were not high enough to cause behavioral changes. Imposing fines on violations were meant to enforce positive habits and encourage safety. Here below are the parking violation fines in Spokane:

ViolationInitial Fine
Angle Parking / Backed to Curb$45.00
Bicycle Lane – No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Bus Zone – Unauthorized Vehicle No


Commercial Loading Zone – Unauthorized Vehicle No Stopping/Standing/Parking$45.00
Commercial Loading Zone – No Stopping/Standing/Parking

Active Loading 30 Min Max

Crosswalk – Approach - No Standing/Parking Within 20’$45.00
Crosswalk – On - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Disabled Parking – Over 4Hr Time Limit At Expired Meter$30.00
Disabled Parking – Unauthorized Use Placard/Plate$450.00 ($250.00 +

$200.00 State Assessed Fee)

Disabled Parking – Park In/Block/Make Inaccessible Access Aisle or Space$450.00 ($250.00 +

$200.00 State Assessed Fee)

Disabled Parking – No Placard/Plate$450.00 ($250.00 +

$200.00 State Assessed Fee)

Disabled Parking – Fail to Fully Display Placard/Plate$450.00 ($250.00 +

$200.00 State Assessed Fee)

Divided Highway - No Stopping/Standing/Parking Between


Double Parking - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Driveway or Alley Entrance - No Standing/Parking Within 5’$45.00
Excavation or Obstruction - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$45.00
Fire Hydrant - No Standing/Parking Within 15’$65.00
Fire Lane - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Fire Station - No Standing/Parking Within 20’ of

Entrance/Opposite Side of Street Within 75’ of Entrance

Flashing Signal – Approach - No Standing/Parking Within 30’$45.00
Intersection - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Junk Vehicle - No Parking$45.00
Motorcycle or Scooter - No Stopping/Standing/Parking Except

Motorcycle or Scooter

Motorcycle or Scooter – Must Park Within Stalls and Be

Secured from Tipping

Obstructing Traffic - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Paid Parking Zone – Illegal Use of Parking Payment Device$30.00
Paid Parking Zone – Obstruction of Paid Parking Device$30.00
Paid Parking Zone – Parking Payment Device Indicates No


Paid Parking Zone – Valid Payment Required$30.00
Paid Parking Zone – Required Information Incorrect$30.00
Paid Parking Zone – Payment Not Made Immediately$30.00
Parallel Parking – Wheels Parallel and Within 12” of the Curb$45.00
Parallel Parking – No stopping/Standing/Parking Against

Authorized Traffic Movement

Parking Stalls - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – Across


Parking Time Limited – Outside of Paid Parking Zone - No

Stopping/Standing/Parking Beyond 72 Hrs

Parking Time Limited – Non-Passenger Vehicle Outside of Paid Parking Zone - No Stopping/Standing/Parking Beyond 24 Hrs


Parking Time Limited – Paid Parking Zone - No

Stopping/Standing/Parking Beyond 24 Hrs

Parking Time Limited – Posted Sign/Payment Device$45.00
Parking Time Limited – No Re-Parking on Same Block Face

Where Time Limit is Greater Than 30 Minutes

Pedestrian Buffer Strip - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$45.00
Permit Zones - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – No Permit$45.00
Permit Zones - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – Permit Does

Not Match Vehicle

Permit Zones - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – Outside Zone$45.00
Permit Zones - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – Beyond Time Limit$45.00
Police Vehicles Only – Unauthorized Vehicle No


Posted Signs - No Stopping/Standing/Parking – Signs Prohibit$45.00
Posted Signs - No Standing/Parking – Signs Prohibit$45.00
Posted Signs - No Parking – Signs Prohibit$45.00
Public Safety Hazard – No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Railroad Tracks - On - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Railroad Tracks – Loading - No Parking Within 50’$45.00
Safety Zone - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Sidewalk – On or Over - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$65.00
Spokane International Airport – No Standing/Parking$45.00
Stop Sign – Approach - No Standing/Parking Within 30’$45.00
Taxicab Zones – Unauthorized Vehicle No


Temporary No Parking Zone - No Stopping/Standing/Parking$100.00
Traffic Control Signal – Approach - No Standing/Parking Within


Vehicle Repairs - No Standing/Parking$45.00
Yield Sign – Approach - No Standing/Parking Within 30’$45.00
Snow Removal – No Stopping/Standing/Parking After Notice$45.00
Street Needs – No Stopping/Standing/Parking After Notice$45.00
Special Loading Zone – Unauthorized Vehicle Parked in SLZ$45.00
Sidewalk Riding and Parking Regulated – Unauthorized Bicycle

or Non-Motorized Vehicle Upon Sidewalk

Sidewalk Riding and Parking Regulated – Failure to Yield to


Sidewalk Riding and Parking Regulated – Speeding$45.00
Sidewalk Riding and Parking Regulated – Obstruction$45.00

How to Pay For a Spokane Parking Ticket?

Paying for a parking ticket in Spokane can be done in a variety of ways. Regardless of how you plan to pay for your ticket, you will need to indicate the citation number and license plate. You can pay for the ticket by:

  • Paying online using a credit or debit card (as long as the ticket was not yet sent to collections)
  • Paying in person at:

Spokane Municipal Court/Parking Violations

Public Safety Building

1100 W Mallon Ave

Spokane, WA 99260

  • Mailing in a payment using a provided envelope or the ticket

Appealing a Spokane Citation

You have 15 days from the date of issue to contest a ticket, which after that, appealing will no longer be accepted. To appeal, you need to indicate your citation number and license plate number or VIN. Some pointers when disputing a citation are as follows:

  1. Request an in-person hearing or file an appeal by a written statement at the Spokane Municipal Court.
  2. If you have more than three unpaid tickets, you will be put on a scofflaw list and your car will be booted.
  3. If the ticket remains unpaid after 15 days, a $25 penalty will apply.
  4. Once your vehicle is booted, you have 48 hours to pay the ticket before your vehicle will be towed.

Will a Citation Affect Your Insurance?

An unpaid ticket will probably not raise your insurance but there are a host of other potential problems that could result from it. Sending your debt to collections could also potentially affect your credit score. And because of a bad credit score, some car insurance companies may not decide to insure you or provide a lower premium. Here are some of the scenarios that could arise from letting citations remain unpaid:

  • In some cities, your car’s tire can be booted until all the tickets are paid.
  • Late fees for unpaid parking tickets could double overtime.
  • Your car may be towed and impounded if you have multiple unpaid parking tickets.

Contest Parking Tickets In Spokane In Less Than 120 Seconds

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