How to Stop Spectrum Email Spam

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Spectrum Email Spam—What to Do About It and How to Get Compensated

Spectrum, otherwise known as Spectrum Charter, is the name used by the Charter Communications company to sell people telephone, cable TV, and internet services. Like any major company, Charter may clutter your inbox with unsolicited commercial messages—otherwise known as spam. Worse yet, cybercriminals can use Charter to send you phishing emails.

If you are in any of the two situations, here is how you can get rid of Spectrum email spam once and for all.

What Are Spectrum Spam Emails?

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Spectrum is a necessity for many people. It only encourages the company to bombard their customers and potential customers with ads—offers for users to upgrade their plan or subscribe to more of the company’s services. Charter even does it with illegal robocalls, so you can read how to block Spectrum robocalls with DoNotPay.

It’s enough of a nuisance to have to delete spam emails constantly, but it’s only worse when that junk turns into abusive emails—phishing attempts by scammers to steal your identity or install malware on your computer. It’s a persistent modern-world problem, and the best you can do is learn how to report spam email, unsubscribe from emails, and stop receiving spam emails altogether.

DoNotPay Can Help You Get Rid of Spectrum Spam Email Forever

To jump into the solution to the problem right away, you can report Spectrum spam emails to DoNotPay and be rid of them for good. The whole process is accomplished in under two minutes, and you get a chance at compensation too!

This is all you need to do to stop Spectrum spam once and for all:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account from any
  2. Click on the Spam Collector tab
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Send your Spectrum junk email to

It takes only these four steps for DoNotPay to unsubscribe you from the irritating and sometimes malicious Spectrum emails for good!

Now, onto the perfect spam email revenge. There is always a chance that there is a class action suit against the sender of spam. If so, DoNotPay will notify you about it—just keep an eye out for a flag on your DoNotPay dashboard. When you see that there is legal action against the sender of the email you received, you can join the lawsuit.

If the settlement is reached with the sender, you can get up to $500 in compensation! Getting rid of spam never sounded more profitable if you ask us.

Since today we use smartphones more than desktop computers to get online, learn how to block spam email on Android and . You’ll never have to worry about being plagued by spammers again.

Can You Deal With Charter Email Spam On Your Own

If you wish to stop Spectrum spam emails manually, there are several options. You can:

  • Rely on a Spectrum spam filter
  • Report the email to Spectrum
  • Notify the authorities

How to Use the Spectrum Email Spam Filter

Anti-spam filters are systems that many companies and email service providers (ESPs) use. Charter also has a built-in spam filter, and you might wish to know how it works. In case of Spectrum, the default spam blocker works by:

  • Catching unsolicited emails and sending them to the junk folder automatically
  • Letting the company know when you flag an email as spam
  • Deleting the messages in the junk folder when 14 days pass

The best you can do to help reduce the number of spam emails in your inbox by relying on a spam filter alone is flagging each bogus message you receive as spam. Spectrum is notified when this happens, and the company uses the information to improve their default spam blocker.

How to Report a Phishing Email to Spectrum

If a particularly malicious spam email found its way to your inbox, you might wish to report it to the company. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to your inbox
  2. Open the spam message
  3. Forward it to

The crucial bit is to forward the entire phishing email to the company—including the header, especially the header! To see how this works with different ESPs, check out , , , and the .

In nine out of ten cases, the company will not respond to your forwarded message. Just in case, though, be prepared if they do contact you, which may happen if the email was particularly abusive and they need more information from you.

How to Notify the Authorities About the Spam Email

Reporting phishing to the authorities is the third option that you have for dealing with spam on your own. There are many organizations that fight email scams, such as:

Authority Organization


Anti-Phishing Working Group

Just like reporting spam to Spectrum, in most cases, you won’t get a response from the authorities when you report spam to them. These organizations deal with reports in bulks, meaning they include them in large-scale investigations, and you are distanced from the process. You also don’t stand a chance at getting compensated.

Can I Report Spam Via







In Person


The authorities

Charter Spam Filter


Are Spectrum Bills Getting You Down?

Since Charter Communications merged with Time Warner Cable in 2016, the famous ISP has become a whole lot more expensive. It doesn’t help that the company employs clever techniques to make you subscribe to several services instead of just, say, the one you need. It all results in bills getting higher and higher each year.

You’ll be happy to hear that DoNotPay can help you! You might have thought it impossible, but here’s a comprehensive guide on how to lower your Spectrum bill. It may seem like a tricky business, but with a little time and effort, you’ll be able to restrain your ever-growing Charter bills and lower your expenses in general.

Spectrum Uses Postal Mail to Send Junk Too—But DoNotPay’s Got Your Back

Besides emails, Spectrum is known to send postal spam, flooding your physical mailbox with annoying and environmentally unhealthy junk. Usually, the thick envelopes are designed to make the customers think there is some change to the policy or their Spectrum subscriptions. That way, they are led to open the packages only to be bombarded with advertisements and offers to switch to new deals—but DoNotPay says no more!

The next time you receive a post from Spectrum leading you to give more money to the company than you already have to, take these steps:

  1. Photograph the spam mail
  2. Locate the DoNotMail tab on our website
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Upload the photograph

And that’s that. We’ll automatically unsubscribe you from Spectrum’s commercial posts, and you’ll have a cleaner mailbox as a result.

Don’t Be Done With DoNotPay Just Yet

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