What's the Best Spam Email Blocker For Mac?

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Spam Email Blocker for Mac—All You Need to Know

Apple’s Mac has become a beloved alternative to PC for many people. It’s fast, efficient, and allows you to use data across different iOS devices. Since Mac’s operating system is entirely different from Windows, most of the features, even your mailbox, do not function in the same way as on a PC. If you’re being flooded by spam emails, here’s everything you need to know about spam email blocker for Mac.

How Does Email Work on Mac?

Mac comes with its email service provider (ESP), called Mail. That is where you create your @icloud.com address, which you need to have in order to use any Apple device. You also have the option to add your other email accounts to the Mail app on your Mac, regardless of the email service.

The system may require a little getting used to if you’re a novice Apple user, but after a while, you start getting the hang of the Mac Mail.

How to Stop Junk Email on Mac on Your Own?

One of the crucial aspects of any ESP is how it deals with spam mail—or, rather, the options it offers to stop spam emails. Apple provides multiple ways for customers to handle this issue, such as:

  • Using the default junk mail filter
  • Marking messages as spam one by one
  • Installing another spam filter of your choosing
  • Blocking the sender

If the option to unsubscribe from emails didn’t work with certain senders of unsolicited messages, you might want to report spam email.

The Default Mac Email Spam Filter

Most ESPs have spam filters—and Mail on Mac is no exception. You need to set up this feature when you start using your Mail. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Mail tab in the upper left corner
  2. Click on the Preferences option
  3. Enter Junk Mail
  4. Select the Enable junk mail filtering option

The spam filter is usually set up by default, but you can go through the above steps to make sure the option is enabled.

How to Flag Junk Email in Apple Mail Individually

The default spam filter in Mail cannot catch each and every bogus email you get. When junk mail slips into your inbox, take the following steps to mark individual emails as spam in Mac Mail:

  1. Open the spam message
  2. Click on the thumbs-down icon

The email is then automatically flagged as junk. The Mail spam filter and you, as a user, work together. Each time you mark an email as junk, the default spam filter improves.

Sometimes, tagging bogus emails is not enough, and you may wish to decide to take revenge on a spam email sender if it was particularly abusive.

Alternatives to the Default Email Spam Blocker for Mac

If you think you would be better off installing an additional spam blocker for your Mac Mail, you can try out a third-party filter. Take a look at our table to learn about some alternatives to the default Mail spam filter on Mac.

Spam Blocker




Free download and installation

  • Multiple categorization features for a well-organized mailbox
  • Overall positive reviews


Free download and installation

  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Contains the Last mail check option



  • Free trial option
  • Effortless use

How to Block the Sender in the Mac Mail

If spam filters don’t cut it for you, and you wish to block the sender of a bogus email, you can do it manually in the Mac Mail. We must warn you that the process is a little complicated, but if you still choose to do it, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Mail tab in the upper right corner of your Mail dashboard
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Tick the Rules option
  4. Select Add Rule
  5. Complete the form with the information about the email and the sender
  6. Next to the Contains section on the form, enter the address you want to block
  7. In the Perform the following actions bar, choose the Delete Message option
  8. Fill in the Description section with the title you choose for the blocked messages
  9. Confirm by clicking OK

As you see, blocking a sender of an unsolicited email in Mail requires a lot of steps. To avoid these complications, and still get what you want, don’t skip on the next entry of this article.

Blocking Mac Spam Emails With DoNotPay Comes With a Potential Compensation!

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking the Mac Mail has a rather knotty and time-consuming process for blocking spam emails. With the help of DoNotPay, you can skip all that trouble, and even get compensation for receiving junk mail. All you need is a DoNotPay account, which you can create on our website, which you can open in any . Once you’re on your DoNotPay dashboard, follow these short steps:

  1. Navigate to the Spam Collector option
  2. Click Get Protected
  3. Enter your email address to link it with DoNotPay
  4. Forward the email you want to block to spam@donotpay.com

And that’s that! When you forward the email to us, you are unsubscribed from the sender quickly, meaning they can’t send spam to you ever again.

Watch out for the class action section on your DoNotPay dashboard. If the email you received is illegal, you’ll get a notification inviting you to join a suit if there is an ongoing one—you then have a chance to be compensated.

With DoNotPay, you can learn about reporting email abuse. Don’t miss out on that one if you were a victim of particularly malicious spam.

Is the Mac Mail Too Limiting to You?

If you want to move on from Mail, but continue to use Mac, there are many other ESPs to try out. Check out our table to get some ideas on which of the email services may suit your needs.

Email Service Providers

What They’re Good for


  • Specifically designed for Apple devices
  • Offers a To-Do List section to clear your inbox, yet keeps the important mail where you can see it


  • Extremely customizable to suit your taste and needs
  • Clear, minimalist style along with countless other features

DoNoPay Helps With Your Physical Junk Mail

Not only can DoNoPay show you how to stop receiving emails, but we can also help you deal with physical junk mail. The process is almost the same as the one we’ve shown you above.

The only difference is that instead of forwarding electronic spam to us, you take a picture of spam that arrived by snail mail and send it to the email address spam@donotpay.com. The possibility to get compensated if there is a class-action lawsuit applies here as well.

A Variety of Day-to-Day Issues is Sorted Out With DoNotPay

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With DoNotPay, you can also learn how to block spam email on Android—and so much more. Accessing DoNotPay from any is super easy. Here is a list of the services we offer to make your life more comfortable:

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