Deal with a San Antonio Parking Ticket Fast [Texas]

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Dealing With a San Antonio Parking Ticket

If you have a parking ticket from the city of San Antonio, there are many options for you to choose from to resolve your issue. While paying your fine may seem like the easiest choice, challenging your parking ticket can be a quick and easy way to save yourself a ton of money. can help you dispute your parking citations in just a few minutes, saving you time and money.

San Antonio Parking Tickets

You might think that beating a parking ticket in San Antonio is impossible. But, there are tons of people who have challenged and won against parking citations in San Antonio. Read more about people who have beaten tickets in San Antonio here and here.

Across the country, DoNotPay has helped people challenge and beat hundreds of thousands of parking tickets, saving them from paying huge fines and fees. can help you beat your ticket and avoid paying any money to the city! Read on.

How do I Pay a San Antonio Parking Ticket?

While appealing a ticket can save you from spending money on fines, you may still find yourself wanting or needing to pay for your parking ticket. If you are planning to pay your parking citation fine, you have many options to do so. You can:

  1. Pay at the Frank Wing Municipal Court Building. It’s located at 401 S. Frio St, San Antonio, TX 78207
  2. Pay online through the payment portal here
  3. Pay via mail City of San Antonio Municipal Court, Office of the Presiding Judge, 401 S. Frio St. (map), San Antonio, TX 78207

For more information on how to contact or visit the San Antonio parking authorities, keep reading below.

Contact Information for San Antonio Parking

If you are looking for more information on your parking citation or are planning to resolve your issue in person, you may be looking to get in touch with the city of San Antonio’s parking authorities. The table below has all the details you need to contact the city of San Antonio about your parking citation issues.

AddressMunicipal Court Address

401 S. Frio San Antonio, TX 78207

Mailing Address San Antonio Municipal Court

Attn: Parking Hearings 401 S. Frio San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone Number 210.207.8970
Office HoursMonday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm

Closed on San Antonio Holidays


If you have questions or concerns about your parking ticket, you can use any of the information above to get in contact with the city of San Antonio to resolve your problem.

Will My Car Insurance Go Up Because of a Parking Citation?

The fear of your car insurance rates rising can add even more stress to the experience of getting a parking ticket. You might be worried that your ticket will affect your future insurance. Luckily, parking violations are not considered moving violations, so they will not negatively affect your car insurance rates. To avoid raising your insurance rates, avoid traffic violations like:

  • Speeding
  • Red Light Violations
  • Accidents
  • DUIs

To read an example of an insurance company policy on parking and traffic violations here.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a Parking Ticket in San Antonio?

You might be tempted to hire a parking ticket lawyer to help you challenge your parking citation. While the process for appealing a parking ticket may be intimidating, you do not need to hire a lawyer and spend money on lawyer’s fees to successfully challenge your ticket. A parking ticket lawyer can cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000, which may be more than your original fine. can help you appeal your parking citation with our free app, avoiding any extra fines or fees.

Challenge your San Antonio Parking Ticket with DoNotPay

Appealing your parking ticket can be a painless process using the app or service online. To beat your ticket, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to and log-in
  2. Upload a photo of your ticket and provide the citation number
  3. Tell us more about your situation and why you don’t deserve the ticket
  4. Write down the state you got your ticket from (in this case, Texas)
  5. Have DoNotPay send the appeal for you or send it in yourself

Our state of the art AI Consumer Champion will create a letter for you to send to the city of San Antonio! Wait a couple weeks for their response in the mail!

Other Ways DoNotPay Can Help You

Besides parking tickets, DoNotPay has got your back in other ways:

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