How To Enroll in Robarts Clinical Trials

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Interested in Signing Up for Robarts Clinical Trials? Find Them With DoNotPay!

Robarts Clinical Trials is a clinical research organization (CRO) that changed its name to Alimentiv in 2020. They offer services related to the organization of clinical trials in all four phases of clinical research. The company was founded in 1986 and currently has offices in London (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and San Diego (United States).

If you want to participate in clinical trials organized by Alimentiv, you can find the right clinical study for you on DoNotPay’s search platform for clinical trials, medical surveys, and university psychology studies.

Types of Robarts Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, by definition, perform tests on willing human subjects to answer questions about the safety and efficacy of new drugs, vaccines, and other treatment options. While treatment trials are the most common, clinical studies can also focus on:

  • Finding better diagnostic methods to recognize early signs of different diseases
  • Researching various trends and risk factors in different population groups
  • Uncovering genetic mechanisms that are related to certain conditions or risks
  • Improving methods used to alleviate the negative side effects of existing treatment options or related illnesses

Some clinical trials include financial compensation. The earliest phases of clinical research usually pay the most. In some cases, the payout can go up to several thousand dollars.

Many studies are recruiting patients suffering from the disease that is being researched, but there are numerous paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers as well.

Researchers can classify clinical trials according to the ailment in question. Some research companies emphasize specific therapeutic areas. Robarts (or Alimentiv) focuses on trials related to:

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  2. Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE)
  3. Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Use DoNotPay To Find Robarts Clinical Trials

Finding clinical trials near you sounds like an easy task, but the search can easily get out of control. Alimentiv’s website is a useful resource for potential clients like pharmaceutical companies, but not so much for clinical trial volunteers.

If you use Google, you will encounter the same studies on multiple websites. You can never know if a trial is looking for volunteers like you unless you open numerous pages and read through the eligibility criteria for each study, and that takes time.

DoNotPay’s clinical trial search platform is a shortcut to the best and most relevant clinical trials for each individual. Our strength lies in the variety of search filters that you can adjust to see only the trials that you qualify for, based on personal circumstances.

Using DoNotPay to find clinical trials is easy. You need to set up your account in a . After creating your login credentials, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Clinical Trials on the homepage
  2. Hit Get Started
  3. Pick the search filters that matter to you the most
  4. Select the trial you want to participate in
  5. Click the Contact button

We will inform the recruiting team that you’re interested in their clinical trial, and they will call you soon to discuss your eligibility and the following steps.

Perks and Benefits of DoNotPay’s Search Platform

Using DoNotPay to search for clinical trials comes with many advantages. With our platform, you can:

  • Find clinical studies based on age, location, expected payouts, safety, pregnancy status, and many other personal preferences
  • Contact an unlimited number of trials
  • Bookmark and monitor upcoming trials to increase your chances of getting in
  • Receive text message notifications when new studies show up in your area
  • Keep all the money that you earn without worrying about service or commission fees

Are Robarts Clinical Trials the Right Choice for Me?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. If you suffer from a condition that Robarts Clinical Trials researches, discuss the possible enrollment with your primary healthcare provider.

In case you’re still not sure about participating, even if you meet all of the eligibility criteria and your doctor gives you the green light, the following list might help you decide:

  • You will help the scientific community and future patients. Even if you receive a placebo or the new treatment doesn’t work on you, your participation will help the researchers learn more about the disease and possible ways to treat it
  • You will have access to the medical care of the highest quality. While the main focus of clinical trials is research, top-grade experts for your condition will monitor your health during checkups or stay at the facility
  • You might experience unpleasant or severe side effects. The researchers usually have a good understanding of how the human body might react to the new treatment, but there’s always room for unprecedented situations
  • You will have to adjust your routine or make certain sacrifices. Some trials might need you to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, or certain foods. When you sign up for a trial, you should honor the scheduled appointments or expect to spend some time away from home in an unfamiliar environment

How Safe Are Robarts Clinical Trials?

Using new drugs or other treatment methods on humans for the first time raises several safety concerns. Clinical trials come after extensive laboratory research and non-human testing, which needs to be reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA’s approval is one of many safeguards minimizing the risks associated with clinical trials. Other mechanisms include:

  1. Informed consent—the process of disclosing all known risks and other relevant information about clinical trials to potential volunteers
  2. Institutional Review Board (IRB)—an administrative body that monitors the safety and protection of the rights of human test subjects
  3. Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)—an independent expert group which observes the trial’s progress and can stop the research if it proves unsafe

Participation in clinical trials comes with various rights guaranteed in the informed consent form. One of the most important rights allows you to withdraw from the trial at any time if you don’t feel comfortable with certain procedures, or you think your safety is endangered.

You also have the right to keep your private medical information confidential even when the study findings get published.

Alternative Resources for Finding Robarts Clinical Trials

When looking for clinical trials, it is best to stick to the official, verified sources because your safety is at stake. Besides DoNotPay, you can look for ongoing and upcoming Robarts Clinical Trials on these websites:

Search Platform



  • 350,000+ studies conducted across the United States and worldwide
  • Search by country, disease type, or keywords


  • More than 140,000 registered volunteers and more than 800 studies
  • Search by study, institution, or publication

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