Helpful Tips to Help You Avoid Excessive Glass Stove Top Repair Fees

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Helpful Tips to Help You Avoid Excessive Glass Stove Top Repair Fees

Glass stove tops are a popular option for people looking for a sleek look and more usable countertop space when the cooktop is not being used. However, this cooktop option tends to be more expensive than basic stove tops, and it is still susceptible to damage over time.

For minor scratches or any stains, you may be able to get someone to .

However, in cases where the glass is cracked or severely chipped, you will have to replace the whole glass cooktop for safety and aesthetic reasons. Finding the best deal on a repair person who will properly fix your gas stove is not always easy, but DoNotPay is here to help you find the best deal and avoid excessive fees for your glass stove top repair or replacement.

What You Need to Know About Glass Stove Top Repairs

If your glass stove top is damaged, and you are trying to determine what to do next, here is some information to help you figure out how to proceed:

Types of Glass Cook Top Damage

Glass stove tops are generally a great option for kitchens if you want a modern look, no visible burners, or better heating control, but this trendy cooktop style is not immune to issues. Some common repairs you may need for your glass stove are due to

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Scratches
  • Burns
  • Stains
  • Improper cleaning techniques, frequency, or substances, since glass cooktops require specific maintenance, care, and cleaning materials

Can You Cook on a Cracked Glass Stove Top?

Unfortunately, unless the damage is minor or purely aesthetic, like stains or minor scratches, it is not recommended that you continue to cook on the stove top. Cooking on a cracked or significantly damaged glass stove top leaves you more susceptible to electrocution and other hazards, so you should contact a repairer or get a glass stove top replacement before cooking on it again.

Can You Repair a Glass Stove Top, or Do You Need to Replace It?

If the damage is minor, such as tiny scratches, or aesthetic, like stains, you may be able to just get a . If the damage is moderate or severe, like cracks, chips, or deep scratches, you will likely need to get your glass stove top replaced instead. In some cases, replacing just the glass stove top is not an option. You may need to get the entire stove top replaced if your stove model does not allow for changing the cooktop only.

What Is the Average Cost to Repair Glass Stove Tops?

The average cost for your glass stove top repair depends on whether you decide to get it repaired or replaced; if you need to get the whole stove top replaced, and what type of stove it is.

Here are some pricing estimates for replacing or repairing glass stove tops:

Repair/Replacement Type Average Cost
Glass stove top repair for minor damage$150 to $300
Electric cooktop glass replacement$150 to $600
Induction cooktop glass replacement$300 to $800
Replace entire electric cooktop$550 to $950
Replace entire induction cooktop$1,100 to $2,100

You may be surprised to learn that the cost of repairing small scratches may ultimately be more expensive or as expensive as replacing the glass stove top. Since both require labor, travel time, supplies, and more, the repair cost ends up coming out close to the cost to replace.

Who Can Repair Glass Stove Tops?

For minor repairs, like buffing out minor scratches, you can either try to do it yourself or hire a professional. You can ask a glass specialist or a general repair person. If you want to replace your glass stove stop, instead of repairing it, which may be the professional recommendation, you may need to request quotes from

  • Electricians, if you are replacing the entire stove
  • Installers
  • Different companies that sell glass stove tops
  • Glass specialists

How to Avoid Unnecessary Repair Fees for Your Glass Stove Top

When you need any repair job, including glass stove top repairs, there are some fees you need to be aware of ahead of time that the repair company may try to add to your bill:

  • Minimum fee: This fee is not necessarily excessive or malicious, but a minimum fee for repair does make even small repair jobs a lot more expensive. For example, even if you need one small scratch buffed out of your glass stove top, if the contractor's minimum fee is $250, that small job will cost you at least $250.
  • Fees for unnecessary repair: When you have a relatively small job like a glass stove top repair, contractors may start to repair other parts of the stove or countertop without your permission, and suddenly the bill is much bigger.
  • Repair company changing their mind: The repair company may say they will just repair the countertop, but then they may come to your house, start working, and then tell you the cooktop has to be replaced anyway. You would then have to pay for both the unfinished repair job and the replacement job.

To avoid excessive fees for glass stove top repairs and replacements, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Always seek multiple quotes. It also can be a good idea to look at various companies, like large companies, local companies, and private contractors, to see a range of prices and specialties.
  2. Explain precisely what you want to be done and request an itemized estimate to understand how they are coming up with that cost.
  3. If you want help with this time-consuming and confusing process, turn to DoNotPay for help. We can find options with competitive pricing and give you more information about what to look out for to avoid excessive fees for glass cooktop repairs.

How to Use DoNotPay to Ensure You Get the Best Price on Your Glass Stove Top Repair

Whether you want to replace or repair your glass stove top, finding competitive rates from places that won't give you excessive fees is not easy. DoNotPay can help you solve this time-consuming and money-wasting problem in three easy steps.

Here's how to start saving on repairs using DoNotPay:

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  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged.

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