Remove My Phone Number From California Voter Registration

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Remove My Phone Number From California Voter Registration

To be allowed to vote in California, you must have been registered as a voter for at least fifteen days before election day. If the voter registration deadline is passed, you can visit your nearby county election office and conditionally register as a voter on a provisional ballot. You are required to provide your phone number during the registration exercise so you can be easily contacted in case of a problem with the information you provided.

You can request the . Unfortunately, California voter registration information is public, and generally removing publicly available data is difficult or nearly impossible.

At DoNotPay, we believe in turning the impossible into the possible. Above all, we think it is your right to keep your personal information confidential if you mind your privacy. With our new Take Down My Personal Information product, we can easily remove your number from the voter registration database as well as get your personal information removed from the internet.

How the California Voter Registration Works

You have two options to register as a voter in California:

  1. Visit the online voter registration website and fill in your application details accurately, or
  2. Manually pick up voter registration from the closest Motor Vehicle Field Office Department. You can get the forms from public libraries, government offices, or your nearby county election office.

Identifying Yourself When Registering to Vote

You will be asked to provide your driving license or state ID number during the registration process. Alternatively, you can be asked to give the last four digits of your social security number. In case you have none of the above information, you can leave the space blank. Your county election officer will give you a number that you will use to identify yourself as a voter.

If you become a United States citizen in a period less than 15 days before an election, you are eligible to register and vote. In this respect, you must visit your county election office before the polls closing date. Kindly remember to provide proof to show that you are a United States citizen already and that you qualify to vote.

What Personal Information Can Be Obtained From Your Phone Number?

The California voter registration process requires you to provide your phone number. Your voter registration details are usually public; thus, hackers can use them to impersonate and scam you and people close to you. One of the easiest ways for scammers to use your phone number is by typing it into people's search sites including WhitePages, WhoEasy, and more.

Typing your number on these sites shows your personal information at the click of a button. This might include your bankruptcies, addresses, criminal records, and family members' addresses and names. Malicious criminals can use this data to dox you, blackmail you, hack your social media, or even steal your identity.

Remove Your Phone Number From California Voter Registration by Yourself

You can request to make changes to your voter registration, including . You can do so in three different ways.


Visit the California Voter Registration website to make the changes.

Via Phone

You can request number removal by calling (800) 815-2666 and selecting "Option 2."

Through Mail

You should download the voter registration form, fill it out and mail it to the RegistrarRecorder/County Clerk.

California Voter Registration Information
OnlineVoter Registration - California
Phone Number(800) 815-2666
Postal AddressRegistrar-Recorder/County Clerk

P.O. Box 30450

Los Angeles, CA 90030-0450

Though you might use a DIY method to remove your number, the entire process is time-consuming and tedious. All this while there are high chances that your number will not be erased entirely from the public view.

You don't have to worry! At DoNotPay, your privacy is vital, and we are always ready to help you ensure your data is safe from malicious hands in a less frustrating way.

Allow DoNotPay Remove Your Phone Number From California Voter Registration

If you’re thinking of hiring someone to remove your data from the internet, just go with DoNotPay. It is our pleasure to help through the following simple steps:

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Why DoNotPay Is the Best Solution

Our product is unmatched for the fact that it is:

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What Other Solutions Can DoNotPay Offer?

We are not limited to the solutions we have for you in store! In that respect, we can help you remove data from:

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