How to Remove Personal Information From the Internet Fast

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How to Remove Personal Information from the Internet Quickly and Easily

It's not every day that you find your sensitive bank information or awkward photos floating delicately on the web. When it happens, you're bound to feel helpless, devastated, and out of sorts. Wondering ? You have come to the right place! We can help end the agony of watching your personal information floating dangerously on the web.

How Can I Remove My Personal Information for Free?

Request Data Brokers to Remove Your Personal Data

Data broker websites have a massive collection of personal information, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. If you discover that one of these websites has your information, you can request to have it removed by submitting a written request. However, this can be a tedious process because you need to send separate requests to each data broker.

Minimize and Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Data brokers often collect personal information from public social media profiles, published blog posts, or any created content online. It's important to regularly review your digital footprint and remove any old posts that you no longer wish to share. If you find that you have been mentioned in other people's articles or social media profiles, consider reaching out and asking them to remove any content that involves you.

Why Is It So Difficult to Get Personal Information Taken Off the Internet?

If you try to remove private details about yourself online, you'll quickly learn that there are many obstacles blocking your path to true online privacy.

The average internet user is completely unaware of the countless ways their personal data is being used and shared. The people making it hard to take down personal information from the internet are known as data brokers, and they have a very good reason to do that -- it makes them money.

How exactly do these brokers make money from personal info? Brokers sell it to companies who 're itching to get your personal information for the purpose of creating targeted online ads. Others will use that info to determine how likely it is that you'll file an insurance claim or get into an auto accident. Others may also use it to determine how likely it is that you'll default on a personal loan.

It is not surprising, then, that it's incredibly difficult to pull down personal information from the internet.

How to Remove Personal Information from the Internet On Your Own

Yes, it's difficult to on your own. But it's not impossible. There are several approaches you can take.

Opt out your information from data brokersTo remove yourself from data broker sites, follow these simple steps:
  • Create a throw-away email account
  • Go to each individual broker and create an account using the throw-away email account
  • For each broker, make a request to delete your information
  • Remember to do this for all the names they might have for you, including nicknames
Delete your online shopping accountsYou may also want to delete your shopping accounts. Follow these steps, and you'll be good to go:
  • Make sure you have no orders outstanding
  • Go to the company's website and click on the Contact Us button
  • Write a brief note to the company telling them why you want out
  • Hit send
Request removal directly from search engines like GoogleSearch engines like Google don't remove much from their search results, but you can file for removing special case information. This includes social security numbers, an image of your signature, bank account or credit account numbers, or personal pictures uploaded without your consent.

If you fall into one of the above categories, you can fill out a form to request that the offending URL be removed from Google's search results. Here's how to do it.

  • Select "Remove information you see in Google Search."
  • Select the type of content you want removed
  • Fill out the form provided
Remove your info directly from websitesTo pull down sensitive information directly from a website, here's what to do:
  • Contact the webmasters of those sites individually
  • To find the right person to contact, look at the About Us or Contact Us section of the site
  • Alternatively, go to and search for the domain name you wish to contact
  • Politely and clearly state why you want the content removed

As a last resort, you may consider hiring someone to remove your information from the internet. Beware, though, such professionals do not come cheap.

Next Steps If You Can't Get Your Private Information Pulled Down from the Internet

What can you do if you've tried removing personal information from the net with little or no success? One course of action you can pursue is filing a privacy complaint against the platform with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

While the FTC won't directly handle your request, they'll use your complaint to investigate and bring similar cases against the platform you're reporting. In some cases, the FTC will link you up with the organization responsible for handling specific types of privacy complaints. For example, if your case relates to credit card or debit card misappropriation, the FTC will effectively redirect you to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Here's how to go about it:

  1. Go to FTC's Complaint Assistant
  2. Click the banner that says: "Concerned about how a company is handling your personal information? Click here to report privacy concerns."
  3. Follow the instructions provided

However, it's important to note that this process is extremely lengthy and frustrating. A single privacy complaint can take months or even years to resolve. Luckily, there's a solution that takes the hassle out of removing personal information from the internet. Say hello to DoNotPay!

Let DoNotPay Remove Personal Information from the Internet on Your Behalf

We know that having your personal information floating on the net is unfair, devastating, and quite frankly, embarrassing. This is why we've created an app for the rights of people whose reputations have been damaged by data brokers and unscrupulous websites. With DoNotPay, you 'll be able to reinstate your public image and regain your self-esteem and confidence.

This is how you'll do it in 5 easy steps:

  1. Search "Remove My Information" on DoNotPay
  2. Choose whether you want to remove your information from Google searches, YouTube videos, or data brokers in general.
  3. If it's for a Google search or YouTube video, tell us more about the specific content you want removed, including the URLs it's currently being displayed.
  4. If it's for a data broker, choose which data broker you want your information removed from, or choose the "All-in" option to remove your information from all of them!
  5. DoNotPay will automatically carry out opt-out requests for each data broker or submit removal requests from the search engines. You can expect to receive confirmation emails from the data brokers.

Why Use DoNotPay to Solve Your Privacy Concerns

Do you really need to spend days trying to submit your privacy claim with the FTC or requesting Google to remove an awkward photo from its search results?

Believe it or not, the answer is no! Thanks to DoNotPay, you can at the comfort of your home. Our app is:

  • Fast. You don't have to spend hours (or days) trying to delete embarrassing or sensitive information from the internet. With DoNotPay, you can do it in minutes!
  • Easy. You don't have to struggle filling out lengthy and clunky complaint forms online. It's all effortless with DoNotPay.
  • Successful. You can rest assured knowing that we'll opt out of all the data broker sites and websites that have your private information. That's our promise to you.

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