Best Way to Remove Your Name from MyLife

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Keep Your Life Yours and Remove Your Name from MyLife

The modern internet is a scary place. You can find almost anything with just a few keystrokes, but it's not that hard for that convenience to be used for evil. Case in point, sites like MyLife collect tons of information on random people just to sell it to whoever can pay their fee. If you want to , DoNotPay is here to help with that.

Why Is It So Hard to Get MyLife to Remove My Name?

Getting information taken off the internet is a lot harder than it might sound. Whether it's Google, Whitepages, Spokeo. Facebook, or even something like an organ donor registry you didn't opt into, there's always a convoluted series of steps you need to take to get them to do what you want. Why is that, though?

MoneyThe simple answer is cold, hard cash. States and other organizations make big bucks selling your personal information to websites like this.
Background checksMany people who conduct background checks turn to sites like MyLife to do it. While it seems less insidious on the surface, why should some private company like this have all your information at their fingertips?
AdvertisingCollecting personal information is a business in and of itself, as companies are always willing to pay to send you more targeted ads.

Your consent is also not taken into account here. These organizations buy and sell people's information without even asking them, and it's on the people themselves to retroactively opt-out if they find they've been listed somewhere.

How Can I Make MyLife Remove My Name On My Own?

The process for removing personal information from the internet varies from site to site. MyLife in particular seems to pride itself on being as obtuse and annoying as possible. Not only that, but they also like to scare people into paying their $1 trial offer to see all the major crimes, active warrants, and sex offender registrations they claim are attached to your name before you do (hint: they're usually lying).

If you really want to take on this challenge yourself, though, you're going to need to jump through a few hoops.

  1. Pick up the phone – Unlike most other sites of this nature, MyLife won't listen to anything you have to say unless it's over the phone. Your opt-out request is only going to work if you call them at 888-704-1900. Have fun waiting on hold.
  2. Confirm your identity – From there, they'll ask for basically all of the information you're trying to get taken down just so they can confirm it's really you. These will be things like name, street address, date of birth, and more.
  3. Wait – Even after you've put in your request and they confirm you're who you say you are, MyLife won't remove your name from their database. Not immediately, at least. Like we said, it can take days before they actually get to work. It can take up to a week in most cases before your information is removed, so get comfortable while you wait around.

Make MyLife Remove Your Name With DoNotPay

While the process for removing information from MyLife on your own is a bit less intense than pushing rocks uphill, it sure does feel like it at times. Unless you have a lot of time to waste, it's much easier to get someone else to help you with it. That's what DoNotPay is for.

With just a few simple steps, we can take on the burden of getting MyLife to remove your name without any further involvement from you. Here's all you need to do to create your own cancellation notice:

  1. Search "Remove My Information" on the DoNotPay site.
  2. Choose the option to remove information from data brokers in the selection (MyLife is a data broker).
  3. Choose the option to remove information from MyLife, or the "All-in" option if you want to cover all your bases at once.
  4. From there, DoNotPay will automatically finish the job for you and get your information taken down. When it's done, you should get an email confirmation from MyLife and any other services you wanted us to talk to.

Why Should I Use DoNotPay to Remove My Name from MyLife?

DoNotPay is a great resource in the fight against privacy violations, but maybe you're not convinced just yet. After all, if your time has no value, you could just do all of this yourself. Respectfully, though, that's missing the forest for the trees, as DoNotPay is and should be your first and last option for keeping your private life private.

  • Fast – DoNotPay is fast and efficient. The process for starting the removal notice takes barely a few minutes from start to finish.
  • Easy – It's super easy to get DoNotPay working on your case. All you need to do is click a few options on some multi-choice surveys, then let us handle it.
  • Affordable – It only costs a few dollars each month to use DoNotPay's numerous services. Frankly, you're losing money by not using us.
  • Successful – We'll get your name removed from MyLife and any other internet services if it's the last thing we do. We stake our reputation on always getting the job done.

DoNotPay Can Help Across Platforms, Not Just MyLife

While you might have come here to , that's far from all DoNotPay can do. Our app has numerous features that can make your online experience so much easier.

You can hire DoNotPay to remove your information from a number of platforms in addition to MyLife. We already touched on some up above, but did you know we can also help take down your phone number and pictures from Google searches?

We can also take care of things like password recovery on sites ranging from Spotify to Amazon, help you with getting a copy of your birth certificate (even if you're in a different state), fight spam calls and texts, and so much more. If you're interested, here's just a sample of what we can do:

No matter your problem, we'll do our best to get you what you need. Don't delay. Get in touch with DoNotPay today.

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