Dispute PSU Parking Tickets In Two Minutes

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Dispute PSU Parking Tickets with AI

It's hard to tell if it's the air or something else that turns Pennsylvania State University (PSU) students into champions, but everyone knows how fierce, intimidating and courageous you are to take on any challenge.

Speaking of college challenges, did you know that you no longer have to pay for citations every time you get a PSU parking ticket? , the world’s first AI Consumer Champion, is leading the way to help millions of Americans dispute their parking tickets in the easiest way possible.

Here’s a guide to challenging your PSU parking ticket and winning them with DoNotPay (plus other details to help you easily navigate through PSUs parking laws).

Registering for PSU Parking Permits

Whether you commute with a bicycle, motorcycle or a car, you need to register them and get a permit to get around the university. There are parks designated for bikes and cars of students and staff around the campus. To get your ticket, you may visit the PSU transportation website or find your way to the office on campus which opens only on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Here are the contact details:

  • Address: 1 Eisenhower Parking Deck, University Park, PA 16802
  • Phone Number: 814-865-1436
  • Email: parking@psu.edu

PSU is a bicycle-friendly school and all bike riders are encouraged to register their bikes for free to prevent others from accidentally taking your bicycle.

PSU Parking Laws

It is also good practice to know the key laws governing traffic and parking within the university premises. Generally, you are not permitted to park:

  1. In a lot designated for on-campus students as an off-campus student
  2. In areas reserved for staffs and workers in the school
  3. In areas reserved for incoming guests
  4. In areas earmarked for intra-school shuttle and buses
  5. Beyond the time stipulated by the meter
  6. Outside the periods indicated in your ticket
  7. In a spot reserved for handicapped persons without proper permit
  8. Overnight at the lot

PSU Fines to Avoid

Breaking any of the above listed laws attracts a fine. Some of them are appealable while others are not. Here are the fines below:

ViolationAppeal statusI have a permitI don’t have a permit
Parking in a loading zonepermitted$18
Parking in a restricted areapermitted$20
Using unauthorized permitNot permitted$100 ( = additional $50 in subsequent violations)
Parking beyond meter time limitNot permitted$20$20
Parking on road, firelane, or curbwaypermitted$30
Parking on reserved spotpermitted$30$40
Using up more than one space while parkingpermitted$18
Parking on handicapped spaceNot permitted$100$100
Utilizing revoked permitsNot permitted$100 ( + revocation extension)
Parking on lawn or sidewalkpermitted$25
Parking in the wrong placepermitted$20
Parking using a permit not registered with vehicle platepermitted$10

You should know that the amount of these fines tend to quadruple during periods of special events involving visitors to the campus. During these times, most of the school's parking lots are put to full use and it's best to be cautious where to park or avoid driving to school altogether.

How to Pay for PSU Infractions

You may choose to submit an appeal together or pay your fine without an appeal. Either way, we’ll go over all the options you have to pay your citation. Payments should be made 30 days within the time your ticket was issued. You have three options to pay your fine:

At the Office

You can bring your cash, credit card, or money order to the PSU transport office at Eisenhower Park. Lioncash+ is also allowed as a means of payment.

By Mail

You may also choose to send your payment by mail to the address of the PSU transport office below. Only checks and money orders are accepted when sending through the mail.

The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) 1 Eisenhower Parking Deck University Park, PA 16802-2116


To pay online, you'll need an international credit card like Visa and Mastercard.

Do I Need a New Pass for my New Car?

Everyone needs a pass for their car, including first-year students, but you do not need a new pass each time you get a new car. If you have a new car or a new license plate, you need to reach out to the transport department and register your new car. They can help you update your existing pass for your new car.

DoNotPay Disputes PSU Citations in Two Minutes

You can choose to pay or appeal but you should never opt to ignore a citation issued to you. The consequences are unpleasant, especially if you are a student of the university. Don’t want to pay just yet? Get started on your appeal with DoNotPay by following these easy steps:

  1. Log-in to and go to the Traffic Disputes category
  2. Provide details regarding your parking ticket
  3. Upload photo evidence
  4. Request delivery of your appeal or send it yourself

That’s it! An appeal letter will be mailed or available to download for you!

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