How to Save on PS5 Repairs

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How to Save on PS5 Repairs

The PlayStation 5 is Sony's latest and greatest entry in its collection of gaming consoles. If you're one of the people lucky enough to buy one of these mean machines, it's natural that you'd want it to stay in good condition. If something does happen that puts your console in jeopardy, though, you'll need it repaired. Repair jobs, as important as they are, can eat up your cash. DoNotPay can help you get a great price for a job done right, so don't go overpaying just to keep your console in good shape.

How to Get a PS5 Repair from Sony

Sony does not offer a or repairs of any of its other tech. While they can assist players with troubleshooting a variety of common issues, they will not fix your console if it's broken. The exception to this would be if it's a new console purchased directly from Sony, as this would put it under warranty. If your console is under warranty, contact a representative directly through their phone number, live chat, or Twitter to receive the return box. After they receive it, they'll return the fixed console or a new one within a few weeks.

How Much Does Sony Charge for PS5 Repairs?

As we said, Sony does not provide repairs for PS5 consoles unless under warranty. If your console is under warranty, returning it for a repair or replacement should not cost you anything. Warranties are available for free for all new PS5 consoles bought directly from Sony or a licensed retailer. They last for one year after purchase and cover most forms of damage.

How to Get PS5 Repairs From Third-Party Providers

Since Sony is unlikely to provide repairs for your PS5 unless it is within the one-year warranty window, your only options for repairing your console will be to do it yourself or find a third-party technician. Finding someone who can do the job may be a little difficult due to how new and rare the PS5 still is, but there are still quite a few people out there who are willing to do the repairs for you. To find someone like this, you should consider:

  • Electronics repair shops.
  • Tech store repair services

What Is the Average Cost of PS5 Repairs?

The cost of a PS5 repair can vary by the issues you're facing and the type of console you have (the disc version versus the all-digital). For a sampling of potential prices, you can expect to pay something similar to:

Under Warranty:Consoles under warranty are repaired by Sony for free.
Disc Drive:Depending on your issue, a disc drive (whether the drive itself, the laser, or something else) will run you around $100 to $150.
HDMI Port:To fix minor damage to an HDMI port, you'll be looking at around $80, though replacing the port may cost you more.
Outer Casing:If the exterior of your PS5 is damaged, you might have a hard time finding a fix for it. Given that most repair places can't fabric a new plastic shell for your console, you might have to make do with some duct tape on your own. However, if it's only the outer plate that's damaged, you can easily buy a new one and replace it yourself for just the cost of the new plate (around $30 depending on the style).

Can I Get a Refund from Sony Instead?

Sony does offer returns on PS5 consoles purchased through PlayStation Direct, but only under certain situations. If your console is unopened or arrived damaged, you might be eligible for a return if you pay for the shipping. However, a console that has been damaged after use is not eligible for return and will require going through the warranty process to fix it.

How to Avoid Excessive PS5 Repair Fees

While getting a PS5 repaired is cheaper than buying a new one, it's not always as cheap as it could be. For several reasons, you might end up getting charged more than you should for your PS5 repairs. If you'd like to skip all the hullabaloo of arguing with a repair person about the price, you can get DoNotPay to get you the best quote possible on your behalf. However, if you're determined to fight through it on your own, here are some tips to avoid excessive PS5 repair fees:

  1. Check reviews to make sure you're working with someone who can do the job right.
  2. Ask around at multiple places if possible. If you can make it known that you're shopping around, people might be willing to lower the price to try and get your business.
  3. Identify your issue ahead of time to the best of your ability. If you have an idea of what's wrong with your PS5 before you take it in for repairs, you have a much better chance of avoiding being overcharged.

Get the Best Price on a PS5 Repair With DoNotPay

If your PS5 warranty has expired but you still need it repaired, don't just buy a new one - get DoNotPay to help you out. We'll find you the best price on a repair job near you, and all we'll need is for you to follow three quick steps:

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