Appeal Your Philadelphia Parking Ticket – And Win!

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Our AI Consumer Champion Can Appeal Your Philadelphia Parking Ticket

While a ​​AI Consumer Champion that fights parking tickets might sound too futuristic, we can assure you that we’re real and ready to help you out. DoNotPay can help you fight your parking tickets in four easy steps, and there’s no limit to how many times you can use our services for free. Check out more everyday tasks we can help you out with by scrolling to the end of this article.

How Does DoNotPay Save Time?

No lawyer. No hassle.

Every organization has a different way to submit appeals, and composing your case can take a while, or even drive you to seek out legal assistance to help you submit it.

Turn a whole-day endeavor into a quick five minutes with DoNotPay. We’re designed for busy people who may not have time to submit appeals the old-fashioned way.

Are You Sure I Don’t Need a Lawyer?

We’re sure. Contesting your ticket with legal aid may end up costing you more than the ticket itself, and lawyers can charge $100 to over $1000 hourly. Don’t break the bank: use DoNotPay.

Why Can’t I Ignore My Parking Tickets?

What happens after you get a parking ticket?

You can:

  1. Pay it
  2. Appeal it
  3. Ignore it

Ignoring it, however, could lead to unintended consequences that may be worse than the original fine amount. Small fines can skyrocket due to late fees, and in the most extreme cases, lead to your car being taken and auctioned off by the state.

What is the range of consequences for not paying your parking tickets?

  • Your fine can increase the longer you leave it unpaid [most common]
  • Your car can get booted, and you’ll have to call the city and pay your fines [as well as an administrative fee] to get the boot removed
  • Your car can get towed, and you’ll have to pay to get it back
  • Your car can be seized by the state and auctioned off [in extreme cases]
  • Your case can get sent to a collection agency
  • The fine amount (and penalties) can be deducted from your tax refund
  • Your registration can be blocked
  • Your credit score can be affected

Common Q&A

Do I need to pay parking tickets while driving out of state?Yes. The penalties remain the same.
Can I get a ticket while waiting in the car?

Yes. Tickets you receive while still in the car are fully legal.
Do I have to pay for tickets I get in a rental car?Yes, and even more urgently. If you leave rental tickets unpaid, the rental company can pay them on your behalf, and can charge you:
  1. The original ticket amount
  2. Administrative fees
  3. Any legal fees incurred on your behalf by the company

Find more details here [Hertz’s Policies].

Paying or Appealing your Philadelphia Parking Ticket

You can pay your Philadelphia parking tickets online, in person, by mail, dispute them online, or book a hearing.


[8 AM – 6 PM Weekdays, 9 AM – 1 PM Saturday]

913 Filbert Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

By MailCity of Philadelphia

Parking Violations Branch

P.O. Box 41818

Philadelphia, PA 19101

[include citation number]

Booking a Hearing

What if my Car was Booted or Towed?

Expedited hearings to release vehicles begin at 830AM on weekdays at the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication at 913 Filbert St.

Use DoNotPay to Fight your Ticket in Four Steps!

In less than five minutes, can help you appeal your ticket, without any legal fees. Follow along here:

  1. Access via our website, or you can download our app here for iPhone.
  2. Answer a couple of simple questions about your ticket, and attach a picture of the citation itself if possible.
  3. DoNotPay will create a professional legal letter for your Philadelphia parking ticket.
  4. You can send this dispute letter to your local office, or you can let DoNotPay do it for you. If you end up in a court hearing, this letter will contain everything you need as a script.

It’s that easy! Sit back and wait for your results to come in, and hope you win! There are no hidden costs or fees included, and we’d be happy to help you out with a variety of other services, which can be found below.

Keep our app around to fight all future parking tickets with private companies, public companies, or in different locations.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do For Me?

We didn’t just stop at parking tickets. Our AI Consumer Champion can help you with a variety of services, such as:

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