How to Request a MoneyGram Refund

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How To Get a MoneyGram Refund With Minimum Effort

Founded in 1940, MoneyGram International is a U.S.-based, P2P money transfer company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s business broadly falls into two main categoriesglobal funds transfers and financial paper products.

MoneyGram is the second-largest global provider of money transfer services, preceded only by Western Union. The company operates in more than 200 countries and regions with a network of over 347,000 agent offices.

If you sent some funds through MoneyGram but for whatever reason changed your mind, you can get your money backunder certain conditions. The crucial thing is that you act quickly, so keep on reading to find out what you need to do.

Key Points You Should Know About the MoneyGram Refund Policy

Your rights regarding your MoneyGram transfer and the availability of a refund will be stipulated in the papers that you will receive after you make the payment.

MoneyGram does not allow refunds for incidental, indirect, or consequential damages.

Specifically, the company will also not take any responsibility for:

  • Delays, losses, mistakes, or damages resulting from circumstances beyond the company’s control
  • Damages caused by the users’ failure to comply with the terms
  • Failed or delayed transactions due to:
    • Insufficient funds
    • Transfer instructions not being followed properly
    • Incorrect, incomplete, or untimely information
    • The receiver refusing or failing to collect a transfer

How To Get a MoneyGram Refund on Your Own

There are several ways to get your MoneyGram money order funds returned. The prerequisite for getting a refund by yourself is canceling the money order transaction first.

See the table below for more details:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No










Cancel Your MoneyGram Transfer Online

To kickstart the refund request, you will first need to cancel your MoneyGram transfer online. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Find the transaction in your transaction history
  3. Cancel it on the Transaction Details page

Once your cancellation request gets processed, MoneyGram will retrieve your money and deposit it to your original method of payment.

Cancel Your MoneyGram Transfer by Phone

When time is of the essence, you should give a ring to MoneyGram’s customer service team at 212-975-9265 and request they cancel the transaction for you. You'll have to provide your transaction reference number, the money's destination, and the original amount sent.

Cancel Your MoneyGram Money Order by Mail

If you sent a money order, the process will be somewhat different than requesting a regular transfer refund.

You can fill out the claim card form in order to request the MoneyGram money order refund. You will have to pay $18 for processing fees—otherwise, this amount will be deducted from the refund amount.

After you fill in the form, mail it to:

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc.

PO Box 610

Minneapolis, MN 55480-0610

How To Get a MoneyGram Money Order Refund With DoNotPay

Why fiddle with unnecessary forms and procedures when our app can take care of the entire process on your behalf? Requesting a MoneyGram money order refund with DoNotPay is much easier than doing it on your own.

Here’s how you can request your money back with our app:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay in your
  2. Scroll down to the Instant Chargeback option
  3. Click on Get Protected
  4. Answer the chatbot’s questions
  5. Click on Sign
  6. Submit your request

After you’ve completed the steps above, DoNotPay will automatically send a fax to your bank requesting the return of funds. We will also enclose the relevant Visa and MasterCard codes to make sure you receive your funds as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Secure a Refund on MoneyGram?

It generally takes three to ten business days for the refunded funds to show up in your bank account. According to MoneyGram’s Terms and Conditions, you will receive a refund on the original payment method.

If you cancel within 30 minutes of payment, you will incur no extra fees and get a full refund. For cancellations made after 30 minutes and up to 180 days, you will need to pay the processing fee.

Don’t forget that it’s not possible to get your money back after 180 days have elapsed from the moment you made the payment.

What if You Suspect You Were the Victim of a MoneyGram Fraud?

If you were the victim of a scam, the fraudsters might have convinced you to wire funds using a money-transferring service such as MoneyGram.

If you suspect that happened to you, you should complete MoneyGram’s report fraud online form or call the company’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-926-9400.

MoneyGram also has a consumer fraud prevention center consisting of resources and FAQs. Learning about some common scam schemes and patterns is essentialit might prevent you from falling prey to those of dishonest intentions.

Potential Issues You Could Encounter With MoneyGram

The Consumer Affairs reviews website doesn’t exactly teem with favorable reviews of MoneyGram. Many users complained about the refund process taking too long, having their account mistakenly blocked, or canceled without any explanations.

One customer reported that she sent $2,500 from the U.S. to Hungary. Even though she received a confirmation email saying that the money was ready for pickup, the receiver was denied withdrawing the funds without being given a reason. Even after calling customer service, the customer got no explanation of why the transaction was canceled, nor why they kept her money. Even after nearly two weeks passed, she was not refunded.

Take MoneyGram to Small Claims Court if They Wronged You

According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, every consumer is protected from unfair billing practices. This also includes your right to apply for and receive refunds.

If MoneyGram breached your consumer rights, you can start a lawsuit against the company in small claims court and seek financial compensation for the damage caused.

Underpinned by groundbreaking AI technology, our chatbot will collect the required details about your grievance from you. It will then prepare and fill out the necessary documentation and create a script with the proper argumentation for your complaint in court.

It's small wonder that our app won the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Access by the American Bar Association!

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