Disputing A Manhattan Beach Parking Ticket

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Dispute a Manhattan Beach Parking Ticket in Two Minutes

It’s that time of the year in California when everyone is outside and tourists flock to the best beaches in Southern California. As you plan to make a trip to Venice, Santa Monica, or Manhattan Beach, bear in mind that the traffic enforcement authorities in California’s tourist cities are looking to serve as many citations as possible to make some extra revenue for the city.

In this piece, you’ll find tips to avoid getting a ticket and how you can contest and win your Manhattan Beach citations using .

The City of Manhattan Beach

Ranked as the best US city to live in (2020), Manhattan Beach is safeguarded and laws are enforced through Neighborhood Watch — an active collaboration between residents and the Manhattan Beach police. The residents, through a volunteer block captain, report all anomalies within the block including loitering, vandalization, assaults, and parking violations.

So, if you ever get a parking citation while parked in the city’s residential area, chances are your car was reported by a resident to the authorities. To avoid getting fined, here are some of Manhattan Beach’s parking laws you should know about.

Manhattan Beach Parking Laws

Generally, most parking lots within the beach town open at 8:00 am and close by 9:00pm. There are meters at most city government-owned parking zones that are activated for a certain period of time. You can also park in residential areas if there are no signs there.

Manhattan Beach Meter Zones

There are four metered zones controlling over 12 parking lots around the city, located as follows:

Designated zonesArea of coverage
Zone 1All the areas within 15th Street, Ardmore Avenue, the Western strand, and 6th Street towards the south.
Zone 2All the areas within 23rd Street, Alma Avenue, the Western strand, and 21st Street towards the south.
Zone 3From the points where Grandview Avenue and the city's northern boundary meet all through the south of Rosecrans Avenue, east of Alma Avenue, 32nd Street, and the intersection of Strand and Northern city boundary.
Zone 4The area covers significant portions of Aviation boulevard, Harkness Street, Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

What To Do After Getting a Manhattan Beach Citation?

If you get a citation in Manhattan Beach, you have the option to contest them or pay for them. You should not ignore a parking citation. There are certain conditions for which it would be suitable for you to just go ahead and pay but it is always great advice to contest your ticket first.

Contesting your ticket means presenting credible evidence to show why you believe your ticket was erroneously given or unfairly charged. If you wish to go ahead and pay, read the section below.

How Do I Pay My Manhattan Beach Ticket Fine?

When it comes down to paying your citation fine, the city of Manhattan Beach provides three options. You can pay:

  1. In-person: Visit 1400 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
  2. Online: You need to input your registration details and you can only pay using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Make sure to have your ticket number on hand.
  3. Through the phone: Call the number: (800) 643-7050
  4. By Mail: You can send your money order through mail to the “City of Manhattan” Processing Center at: City of Manhattan Processing Center, P. O. Box 1109, Tustin CA 92781-1109

Tips on Disputing a Manhattan Beach Parking Ticket

Just got a ticket? Relax. It’s not the time to vent out loud or pound your fists. Here is a checklist you can use to see if your situation calls for an appeal:

  • The ticket has listed your name and registration details erroneously
  • You were cited for an unregistered vehicle
  • There are loopholes in the state or city law for which you have been cited against
  • You got the same citation served multiple times in the space of a few hours
  • There are no signs that warn of the restrictions around the area
  • The ticket belongs to a vehicle you have already sold or gifted out

If any of these apply to you, feel free to appeal your ticket yourself or use DoNotPay!

How to Dispute a Manhattan Beach Ticket with DoNotPay

People only think contesting a ticket is a stressful task because they assume they need to get a lawyer, draft a series of documents, and master a handful of defense tactics that they have no time for.

Thanks to , you can contest a ticket even faster than you would have to pay for them. DoNotPay prepares your appeal for you in seconds - just answer a series of questions about the situation surrounding your citation and get your appeal submitted on your behalf to the Manhattan Beach transport department.

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Select the Parking Tickets service
  3. Give honest answers to few questions regarding your appeal
  4. Receive an appeal letter containing California traffic laws
  5. Request DoNotPay to help submit your defense

That’s it! Just wait for the outcome of your case after two weeks. The traffic ticket issuer will contact you with the decision.

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