Best Way to Get a Credit Card Chargeback After Losing Online Gambling Money

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How to Get a Credit Card Chargeback for Online Gambling Losses

Online gambling is meant to be fun and fair. But sometimes, it's neither of those things. If you're taking unusual gambling losses, you might be wondering if you can be losing online gambling money and getting a credit card chargeback. Of course, you can try. But seeking a also carries a risk.

How to Get a Gambling Loss Chargeback With DoNotPay

DoNotPay gets you on the right track and takes the hassle out of requesting a chargeback from your credit card company. You can start the process in just a few minutes by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your
  2. Click File a Chargeback
  3. Provide your bank information
  4. Answer a quick series of questions about your dispute
  5. Confirm your details and sign the form

DoNotPay will generate a letter requesting the chargeback, which it can fax to your bank automatically or email a copy to you if you prefer to deal with the bank directly. DoNotPay also can gather evidence on your behalf, such as contacting the gambling site.

How to Get a Chargeback on Your Own

Online casinos, gambling sites, and sportsbooks offer different policies when seeking a refund. You likely will need to check the terms of service on the website or look for a dispute resolution page. For instance, if you want to dispute a Bovada transaction, you file the complaint through customer service, go to a customer service supervisor if dissatisfied with the resolution, and finally apply to the Dispute Resolution Office. If you wish to dispute a transaction with BetOnline, your dispute will be taken to a third-party adjudication service.

Most banks will require you to seek a refund from the company before applying for a chargeback. You should seek the refund via a letter or email to have written proof that a refund was denied. Some banks require that a chargeback be requested within 60 days of the disputed charge, but the major credit card companies normally accept request up to 120 days after the charge.

You will need to follow these steps to apply for a chargeback:

  1. Seek a refund from the online gambling site.
  2. Find out your bank's rules on requesting a chargeback, i.e, time limits, application method, etc. Banks or credit card companies likely accept applications by: • Mail • Email • Fax • In person
  3. Write a letter to your bank explaining in detail why you are disputing the charge and submit by preferred method.

The bank will investigate your claim and determine whether you are eligible for a chargeback.

Acceptable Reasons for Approving a Gambling Chargeback Request

Banks and credit card companies will approve chargeback requests only for specified reasons. If you are just unhappy with losing money while gambling, you're not likely to get a chargeback. These are the most likely reasons a will be approved:

Service not providedThe gambling site took your deposit but did not allow you to play any of the games or place bets on sports events.
Games were fraudulentYou believe the games you played were rigged to not give winners within the acceptable range. Most legitimate gambling sites have third-party auditors that monitor games to ensure they are fair. You will be responsible for providing proof that games were unfair.
You did not order the serviceYou find charges on your account that you did not authorize. Gambling sites normally require a form of government ID with a photo when you register to prevent these types of claims and require you to agree to their terms of service.

How Long Will It Take to Receive a Gambling Chargeback?

Once your bank receives your request, they generally will follow this procedure:

  1. The bank will determine your eligibility for a chargeback and issue a temporary refund to your account.
  2. The bank will send a notice to the issuer of your credit card of the chargeback.
  3. The credit card issuer will contact the gambling site or the gambling site's bank to get the refund.
  4. If the gambling site or its bank disputes the refund, the back and forth could take some time. If they win and the chargeback is later denied, the money will again be charged against your account.

Most cases take anywhere from 45 to 120 days to resolve, though some can stretch on for months as financial institutions deal with the back-and-forth communication.

Issues You Might Encounter When Requesting a Gambling Chargeback

because the cost of the chargeback would be less than the cost of fighting it. However, they will ban you from the site. Many of the major gambling sites share their banned lists, so you might have problems signing up with other gambling or sportsbook sites if you seek a chargeback against one of them.

If your chargeback is denied because it was determined to be a fraudulent chargeback request, you could face the following consequences:

  • You could be banned from the major booking sites.
  • You could face criminal charges for filing a fraudulent chargeback request.
  • Your bank could close your account for filing a fraudulent chargeback request.
  • The online gambling site could charge you fees for disputing the charge and send your account to collection.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNot Pay can help you with a wide array of refund and chargeback requests, from Amazon purchases to airline ticket refunds.

One of the top reasons people seek a credit card chargeback is because of a forgotten subscription. DoNotPay helps you avoid this situation right up front by providing a virtual credit card that you can use when you sign up for sample subscriptions. This way the company never has a legitimate credit card to charge when your trial period is over.

Aside from chargeback requests, DoNotPay also helps with issues such as:

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