How to Save on Irrigation Pipe Repairs

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How to Save on Irrigation Pipe Repairs

A sprinkler irrigation line is something most individuals install and then forget about its maintenance, consequently compromising its performance over time. Thus, irrigation pipe repair is necessary if you have installed a sprinkler irrigation line.

The possible causes of damaged irrigation pipes are not limited to frozen water damage, holes caused by edging, damage from deep growing roots, or defective fittings. The amount you will pay for irrigation repair depends on the extent of the damage and the contractor rate, which varies. There is no doubt that every individual wants to spend less on repairs, but the approach you use to repair your appliances determines the amount you can save.

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How Much Does Irrigation Pipe Repairs Cost?

Sprinkler line provides the best way to keep your garden in shape. The system takes the inconvenience out of watering the garden with timers and controllers to manage the flow automatically. However, problems can develop with the sprinkler line that may have to be repaired. The system may experience head clogs, component breakdown, or pipe cracks.

Even though Sprinkler repair costs rely on other factors like the type of system and the type of repair, on average, you will incur $100 to $400 on your. Most households spend up to $200 on repairing broken piping and two sprinkler heads, while some spend around $50 cleaning a single sprinkler head. If you plan to replace a backflow preventer, you will spend about $850.

The Cost of Repair by Type of System

The type of system you are planning to repair will determine the amount you will spend on repairing your sprinkler line.

  1. Repairing the above-ground sprinkler line will cost you around $50 to $350.

Above-ground sprinkler lines are easier to repair since they are easily accessed. Less work is required; hence, workers will not have to worry about digging or landscaping.

  1. You will need $50 to $500 for an in-ground sprinkler line.

In-ground repairs are costly because repair workers must dig to access the irrigation pipes.

The Cost by the Type of Repair

The Sprinkler system entails complex parts like heads, lines, pipes, and valves. The problem can develop with any component, and some parts are costly and time-consuming to repair.

The following is the pricing information based on different sprinkler components:

Head repairThis component is regularly exposed to dirt; hence, it needs to be cleaned frequently. It will cost you around $50 to $85 to clean the sprinkler head.
Wire repair:Repairing wiring for your irrigation system costs approximately $50 to $85. Sprinkler wire is a vital part that provides energy to the system. Sometimes it can loosen or fray, requiring a new cover or reconnection.
Box repairA valve box covers your irrigation systems for protection and access to repairs. These boxes can get damaged, requiring you to spend around $50 to $85 for repairs.
Valve and solenoid repairThese on average cost around $75 to $125.
Timer repairRepairing a sprinkler system timer costs $75 to $175. Various issues may develop with your timer; for instance, you notice that your sprinkler activates at odd hours or runs for too long. You can repair it by rewiring or installing new batteries.
Sprinkler line repairA broken sprinkler line costs $75 to $400 to repair.
Sprinkler pipe repairWhile irrigation pipes may last for years, they can break or crack. The repair cost relies on the type of pipe and thickness, but on average, it ranges from $75 to $400.

How to Get a Repair for Irrigation Pipes

Repairing the Sprinkler line is something you can do by yourself but is best left to professionals equipped to handle such appliances.

You can get an expert to handle your sprinkler line by:

  • Asking your friends or family for a recommendation
  • Getting a recommendation from retail stores or the company that installed the system

Cost negotiation follows once you have managed to get an expert to repair your system, and this can be challenging, especially if you have no idea about pricing.

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