How to Save Money on an iPad Charging Port Repair

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How to Save Money on an iPad Charging Port Repair

It's no secret that any repair on an Apple product can be expensive, and is no exception. The price changes depending on where you get the charging port repaired, but there's usually no doubt it'll be at least somewhat pricey. Companies will also tack on extra fees for the repair, and they often don't tell you about these fees beforehand. Is there any way to avoid those fees though?

DoNotPay can help you avoid excessive fees on just about any repair, whether it's an iPad charging port, Apple Watch, or an iPhone screen. Even excessive fees on Samsung devices can be avoided by using their Quote my Repair product.

Average Price of an iPad Charging Port Repair

Depending on the type of iPad you have and whether you have AppleCare+, the price of an can vary. Some shops will charge more than others. Some depend on whether they're authorized by Apple to perform repairs on Apple products and have Apple parts in stock. It also depends on the generation of iPad you're getting a repair on.

iPad Charging Port Repair Costs

iPad ModelCost
iPad 2 - 4$69
iPad 5$109
iPad 6 - 8$119
iPad 9$139
iPad Mini 1 - 3$79
iPad Mini 4$99
iPad Mini 5$129
iPad Air 1$99
iPad Air 2$109
iPad Air 3$139
iPad Air 4$149
iPad Pro 9.7$149
iPad Pro 10.5$159
iPad Pro 11$169 (first and second generation)
iPad Pro 12.9$159 (first gen)

$249 (second gen)

$199 (third gen)

$239 (fourth gen)

$259 (fifth gen)

As you can see by the listed prices, the price can change dramatically depending on the type of iPad charging report you need to have repaired. Even so, it's still cheaper than purchasing a new one.

How to Find the Best Shop for iPad Charging Port Repairs

Finding the right shop for any repair can be difficult, and the same holds in getting an iPad charging port repaired. Not all shops give the same quality of repairs, and some might tack on extra fees they didn't inform you of beforehand. To put it simply, you cannot trust every repair shop out there.

To find the best repair shop for an iPad charging port repair:

  1. Look up iPad repair shops in or around your area. You may need to input your exact location if the location on your device isn't turned on.
  2. Compare prices between the companies. Some of them may list what you'll be charged along with the actual price of the repair, or they may give an estimate that includes labor and part fees.
  3. Give a few companies a call to ask about what they charge. Be sure to ask if they charge any labor or part fees on top of the repair fee. See if you can get a total price estimate will all fees included.
  4. Look up reviews for the companies you're interested in. Online reviews can tell a lot about their practices and quality of service.

Watch Out for These Excessive iPad Charging Port Repair Fees

There are many hidden fees a company may not show on your bill. It's important to always ask for an itemized receipt, so you always know what you're being charged for, especially if the final price is more than what the estimate was. It's frustrating to expect to spend a certain amount of money but end up being billed for more than you bargained for.

Fees to look out for:

  • Excessive part markups. Companies often charge more for a part than what they paid for, so they make money off of it. It is understandable since most repair shops aren't nonprofits, but sometimes the prices are marked up too high.
  • Unspecified shop fees. Some repair shops charge labor fees, which may be listed as shop fees on the receipt, or they may not be listed at all if you don't receive an itemized receipt.
  • Unauthorized repairs. See a repair on your receipt you didn't authorize? Some shops will notice another repair that needs to be done and perform it without your consent, then charge you extra for it.
  • A shop may break your device and charge you for the repair. While this may not be common practice among all companies, some places will either accidentally or intentionally damage your device, so they can charge you for an extra repair.

It's no secret companies can be shady, but not all of them are. That's why DoNotPay is there to help you find the right one to fix your iPad charging port.

Avoid Excessive iPad Charging Port Repair Fees With DoNotPay

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