Resolving Indianapolis Parking Tickets The Easy Way

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Dealing With Indianapolis Parking Tickets For Free

Indianapolis has partnered with ParkIndy, LLC to make parking safe and convenient for residents and visitors. The agency is responsible for managing the city’s parking assets and modernizing the city’s parking technology. In this article, we will help clarify the process of resolving Indianapolis parking tickets and how to appeal an infraction quickly and easily.

Schedule of Parking Violation Fees in Indianapolis

Violating a parking citation in Indianapolis will cost the following:

OffenseCivil Penalty
Parking is prohibited for street repairs and cleaning$20
Parking when temporarily prohibited$20
Unlawful parking on the sidewalk, in the crosswalk, or adjacent yard$25
Unlawful parking in certain school areas$20
Unlawful manner of parking$20
No required lights on certain parked vehicles$20
Violation of handicapped parking restrictions$100
Unlawful parking in handicapped parking meter zone$100
Unlawful parking adjacent to certain buildings$20
Unlawful parking for display for sale or advertising$20
Unlawful parking for more than six (6) hours$20
Unlawful parking of commercial vehicles at night$20
Unlawful parking in alleys or on certain narrow streets$20
Unlawful parking in designated special parking areas$20
Parking on certain streets where prohibited at all times$20
Stopping, standing, or parking on streets where prohibited at all times$20
Parking on certain streets where prohibited at all times on certain days$20
Parking on certain streets when prohibited at certain times on certain days$20
Stopping, standing, or parking during prohibited hours on certain days on certain streets$25
Parking longer than permitted on certain streets at certain times on certain days$20
Parking in parking meter space when prohibited$20
Parking over the maximum time permitted in parking meter space$20
Expired parking meter$20
Unlawful parking during a snow emergency$25
Unlawful parking in certain mailbox zones$20
Unlawful parking in alleys or on certain narrow streets in the Regional Center$25
Unlawful stopping, standing, or parking near a fire hydrant$75
Violation of residential permit parking restrictions$50
Excessive parking charge at commercial parking facility—First offense in twelve months$100

Paying for an Indianapolis Parking Citation

Parking citations in the city of Indianapolis are divided into two types: metered and non-metered. Metered violations are those that include expired meter, overtime meter parking, illegal parking in a handicap meter zone, parking in a prohibited metered space. Non-metered violations including and residence foods without a permit, parking in no-parking zones or front of the bus stop, or parking that obstructs the sidewalk. To pay for a parking ticket, you may do the following :

  • Using a credit or debit card to pay online.
  • Calling 1-855-251-8188.
  • Sending a check payable to ParkIndy, LLC and addressed to:

ParkIndy, LLC

P.O. Box 2251

Indianapolis, IN 46206

  • Paying in person with a check payable to ParkIndy, LLC and deposited into the lockbox near room E152 of the City-County building. Take note that dropbox is checked and processed daily. Items left on a public holiday or Friday after 3 PM will be processed the next business day.

Contesting a Parking Citation in Indianapolis

Contesting a parking citation in the city of Indianapolis starts with filling out an online form. After that, a city employee or designee will review and decide on your appeal. Take note that you only have 30 days from the ticket issuance to submit the form. Here is the process to disputing a ticket:

  1. Enter your contact information, parking ticket number, and grounds for disputing a ticket.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email that will request you to send proof of why the citation needs to be voided.
  3. Send a reply to the email with supporting documentation.
  4. A city employee will conduct an impartial review of your documentation and email you the results.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the result of the review, you may request an in-person hearing to dispute the ticket in front of an administrative law judge.
  6. If the judge rules against your favor, you may be fined up to $2,500 per violation.

How to Successfully Dispute an Infraction

The best way to fight a parking ticket is to avoid getting ticketed in the first place. However, in most cases, it can be difficult to do so. Here are some tips to ensure that your ticket appeal has a successful result:

  • Read the ticket and find errors that may render it invalid. Some examples include incorrectly indicating the make and model of the vehicle or a mistake in the date and time.
  • Get photographic evidence by taking pictures of the sign or the distance from the fire hydrant.
  • Identify the statute you allegedly violated and if the ticket doesn't indicate any, it could make the ticket null and void.
  • Look for handy loopholes in the statute such as specifying signage that is not visible or blocked.
  • Draft a professionally written appeal that includes details such as reasons why you should not have been ticketed.

Contest Parking Tickets in Indianapolis in Less Than 120 Seconds

Fighting a ticket on your own means spending at least a few hours to prepare your documents and for trial. You should also be prepared to sacrifice some time and resources when you go to the hearing. One of the alternative ways to successfully fight a ticket is to hire a traffic attorney. However, it will cost a significant amount of money.

That is where DoNotPay can help! Our service helps you contest a citation quickly and easily. We have a track record of fighting more than 160,000 in many cities including New York. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to DoNotPay’s website or app.
  2. Answer a few questions.
  3. The AI Consumer Champion will generate an automatic letter written specifically for Indianapolis.
  4. Press ‘Send’ and DoNotPay will send the letter on your behalf.

That’s it. What’s next is to wait for a few days and find out the results of the appeal!

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