How to Cancel Manscaped Subscription Without Hassle

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How to Cancel Manscaped Subscriptions

offer personal grooming products to very personal areas on a man's body. While Manscaped razor products, deodorants, and other items address a niche in male personal care, people move on from services all the time and need to cancel. DoNotPay doesn't need to know the reason, has no opinion on the product, and is simply here to show you subscriptions.

Besides canceling Manscaped, DoNotPay offers guides to ending plenty of unwanted subscriptions in case other services prove unneeded and wanted to you as a consumer. The key to managing subscriptions is to keep track of what you actually use in order to cancel the unnecessary ones because monthly services add up. In case of future reference, please note that our other guides include canceling Planet Fitness memberships, ending Epoch payments, shutting off SiriusXM, quitting Massage Envy, canceling CVS CarePass, and deleting Xbox live services.

How to Cancel Manscaped Subscriptions

Manscaped is sold in some stores through business-to-business sales. This means that they distribute their products to some stores, but retail locations don't give you an opportunity to sign up for a Manscaped account. If you need to cancel an online account and find out how to cancel Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan, then the way to do this would be to deal with Manscaped online and the Customer Service information provided there.

Manscaped has a variety of products and plans, and their rules about cancellation may be tricky. Keep the following in mind:

  • When we talk about cancellation with Manscaped orders in mind, we don't mean individual orders.
  • Manscaped allows people to make individual orders on their website.
  • However, they also refer to their plans as orders, which can be confusing.
  • For individual products (single orders vs. reoccurring ones), Manscaped has a return policy.
  • Information Manscaped cancel orders (for single orders) and their return policy is found here.
  • Since this is about canceling plans (orders), we are going to be talking about a system of ordering from them.
  • From here on out, we will be describing how to cancel Manscaped subscriptions (which they call orders).

How to Cancel Manscaped Orders by Email

How to cancel Manscaped can be a little complicated because of how the recurring orders are set up. When canceling an order with Manscaped, look up the shipping date in your bank records or on the packaging. They configure their charges based on when shipments are sent out and this is one of those companies to avoid in terms of falling into an autorenewal trap.

How to cancel Peak Hygiene Plan by Manscape and their other offers:

  1. Manscaped does an autorenewal when they bill subscriptions, or what they call replenishment orders.
  2. Manscaped canceling requires a little savviness since the sign-up process makes it so the consumer agrees to autorenewal when placing an order for their plans.
  3. Each plan sends out its product in bundles called Boxes each month.
  4. If you need to avoid being billed, then Manscaped's website says to cancel the membership "at least one full business day prior to your next Box shipping date."
  5. Since cancellations must happen so far in advance, contact them sooner rather than later.
  6. Email Manscaped support
  7. Cancellation can take five full business days.
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How to Cancel Manscaped Subscription Online

Manscaped has an online portal where users can message their support staff online.

Here's where to find it:

  1. Go to their "Contact Us" section here.
  2. It will display a text box that their staff will respond to in 24-48 hours during the business week.
  3. Tell them that you would like to cancel your Manscaped plan.
  4. They may tell you that you must directly contact the support team.
  5. If this is the case, then use your personal email to message them.
  6. While it may be possible to have a support agent process your request, it's a better bet to email them.
  7. If the agent says it's not policy to process cancellations that way, doesn't know how to cancel your service, etc., then save time by using the email address they suggest you use.

How to Cancel My Manscaped Subscription by Phone

  1. It is difficult to find the contact information for Manscaped, but some digging turned up a company phone number.
  2. The California Department of Consumer Affairs lists their number as (858) 682-4762.
  3. This is a valid company number, so use it to get to an agent at Manscaped. Cancel your subscription with the agent if possible.
  4. Again, they may redirect you to emailing them to cancel the order.
  5. If that's the only way, then email them using your personal account.

Stop Manscaped Charges and Cancel the Service Using Our Virtual Credit Card

Another way to cope with autorenewals and stop them when the company is resistant to comply, unable to be reached, and other issues arise is to switch your card on file to a virtual card. DoNotPay's virtual credit card is not a real card linked to a bank account and credit line. When you register with a plan on a site like Manscaped, they will keep your card on file. When it's time to bill you again, they will try to run the card saved on the website. If you use our virtual credit card, we will generate a random card number that is not associated with any bank account. When they try to run your card, no charges will be processed and your subscription will be canceled that way.

How to Cancel Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan Online and Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, Manscaped is one of those businesses that rely on plans and reoccurring shipments. Here are some flaws in the way it is operated that work against customers:

  • They want people to cancel their orders only through email inquiries.
  • Not all clients prefer that method of communication and may get stuck in other Customer Service cues.
  • When dealing with a call center or online support, this can leave callers or correspondents at the mercy of the Customer Service agents.
  • In other words, some may not be trained to help and others may insist on the email-only protocol.
  • Besides the actual cancellation protocol, the time to cancel the product without further charges is perplexing.
  • Few people are going to remember and anticipate the shipping date.
  • The additional feature that the billing happens one day before shipping will also mess up some people seeking refunds.

Canceling a Manscaped Subscription Using DoNotPay

Manscaped and auto renewal companies tend to make it more challenging for customers to cancel their plans. The ways to contact them immediately, such as their Customer Service line, are not easy to locate. Additionally, they want clients to do everything their way while not having the most transparent contact information or policies about billing. You can end a subscription for DoNotPay by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

When the process is complete, DoNotPay will let you know. Whenever possible, DoNotPay will try to get refunds when applicable! Either way, don't delay and DoNotPay!

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