Is Globfone Safe to Use? — Read This Before Signing Up!

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Is Globfone Safe: Everything You Need to Know Before Using Globfone's Free Calls

Globfone lets you contact loved ones through voice calls, SMS, media files, and video calls at no fee. But, while the free online phone works as it promises, using it leaves you with one primary concern — is ?

Given that, we have reviewed the free telecommunications service provider to help you decide whether it is safe to use. If your instincts cannot let you try out Globfone, use DoNotPay Burner Phone, a safer option.

Like Globfone, DoNotPay Burner lets you contact friends, family, or colleagues for free. You can even use the burner phone to verify dating sites, subscriptions, and other sites needing phone authentication.

We also reviewed other companies like Experian, Formswift, Lifelock, Equifax, and Fastweb to increase your consciousness while using their services.

What Is Globfone?

Globfone is a telecommunication service that lets you contact people via voice calls, SMS, media files, or video calls at no charge. Anyone worldwide can use this telecommunication service to keep in touch with friends or family.

Using Globfone is straightforward since you don't have to install special software, download an app, or go through a complex sign-up process. The receiver also doesn't have to download an app, sign-up, or get special software to receive your calls.

As much as the services are free, users often ask themselves one question: Is ? After all, it is a shared belief that if something is free, you are the product.

How Does Globfone Work?

Globfone uses the internet to facilitate video calls, SMS, or voice calls between the caller and the recipient. It works pretty much like Facebook's free messenger calls. To use this service, you and the recipient must use a phone, laptop, or desktop connected to the internet.

To make a voice or video call:

  1. Head to Globfone’s website and select 'call phone' for voice calls or 'video chat' for video calls.
  2. Provide your phone number or name.
  3. Click next, provide the recipient's phone number, and specify their country.
  4. Click on call, verify captcha, and grant Globfone permissions to your microphone and camera.
  5. Make the call, and 'hang up' or 'stop chat' when done communicating.

For SMS services:

  • Visit Globfone's official site.
  • Select send text, enter your name and click on the tab marked next.
  • Give the recipient's contact and specify their country.
  • Click next, type a message with 140 or fewer characters.
  • Verify the captcha and send the text.

Is Globfone Free?

You pay nothing to use video calls, voice calls, or send SMS and Media files. You also do not need to sign up for a user account to access the free telecommunication services. You need a reliable internet connection to keep in touch.

What Can't Globfone Help Me With?

Although helpful, you cannot use Globfone to verify apps and sites that need a valid phone number for authentication. In such a case, you must use your real phone number or an alternative like DoNotPay Burner.

Globfone does not guarantee complete privacy if that is why you wish to use this service. The telecommunication company collects your phone number or name, country, and the recipients' phone number.

With your contacts in their possession, Globfone or its affiliates may spam your contacts with marketing messages after trying out the free communication services. However, many Globfone safe reviews reveal low chances of the company misusing your contacts.

Globfone vs DoNotPay Burner Phone Explained

Globfone and DoNotPay Burner Phone offer similar services — they let you communicate without using your phone number. You can communicate with either telecommunication service providers at no or low rates.

Even though similar, the DoNotPay Burner Phone offers extra benefits to enhance your data privacy — it lets you verify apps and sites that need phone numbers for authentication.

Besides the differences in the ability to authenticate apps, Globfone and DoNotPay differ depending on the scope of service, customer support, price, and accessibility. The comparison table below shows the notable differences between the telecommunication service providers.

PricesFreeNot free — costs around $3 per month
Scope of ServicesSMS, video call, voice call, media file sharingSMS, voice call, video call, app authentication
AccessibilityWebApp and Web
SupportReachable through Globfone contact formsReachable through email
How It WorksInternet-enabled calls and SMSTemporary 10-minute virtual phone number

Pros and Cons of Globfone and DoNotPay Burner Phone

Here are the pros and cons of Globfone and DoNotPay’s Burner Phone.

  • Free services
  • Excellent clarity of voice calls
  • No sign-up
  • No downloading
  • Risk of privacy breach
DoNotPay Burner Phone
  • Excellent privacy
  • Clear voice calls
  • Bypasses verifications
  • Temporary
  • Not free

Globfone vs DoNotPay Burner Phone in a Nutshell

Using Globfone or DoNotPay bypasses the hefty call rates whenever you want to talk to friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else. The two telecommunication services let you make voice and video calls or send SMS and media files at no charge.

Nonetheless, if you want to enhance your privacy alongside making free calls, DoNotPay Burner Phones stands as the best option. It lets you verify apps, sites, and even subscription services that need a phone number for verification.

Let DoNotPay Burner Phone Enhance Your Privacy

DoNotPay's Burner phone is a temporary number you can use to make calls and authenticate apps or sites. However, the number ceases to work after 10 minutes.

To enjoy DoNotPay Burner phone's services:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Burner Phone product.
  2. Choose the company you want to use the number.
  3. DoNotPay will generate a new burner number that you can use for subscriptions, dating apps, and any other service that requires phone verification or sends confirmation texts.
  4. Once you get a text, DoNotPay will display the message you've received for that number.

DoNotPay counts the number as part of its $36 annual subscription. That means new users have to subscribe to enjoy the services. After subscription, you can generate as many temporary numbers as you want.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

From protecting you against fraud, and educating you about various service providers to helping you seek justice, DoNotPay makes your life easier. So far, the robotic lawyer has helped thousands of people with issues such as:

Subscribe to DoNotPay's Burner Phone today to enjoy free calls or enhance your privacy. We hope this post answered your question — is Globfone safe?

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