Fire Hydrant Parking Ticket NYC [Pro Guide]

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Fire Hydrant Parking Ticket NYC - Appeals

Fire hydrant tickets in NYC are famously confusing, making it even more difficult to dispute them. Let help you sort out the technicalities surrounding fire hydrant tickets in NYC, and take the difficulty out of disputing them!

This article will take you through the intricacies of fire hydrant laws in NYC, the process of payment and appeals, and how DoNotPay can help you get your ticket overturned. Does a ‘AI Consumer Champion’ seem too strange to you? Check out this article from Business Insider on the 160,000 parking tickets we’ve already overturned.

Why Did I Get a Fire Hydrant Ticket?

In New York City, you can get a ticket for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. However, there are some exceptions and scenarios where you may be able to stop your car briefly in the zone, or dispute your ticket based on other factors.

How Does the Law Work?

Can I park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant?No.
Can I stop in my regular car within 15 feet of a fire hydrant?Technically, you may ‘stand’ your car between sunrise and sunset, as long as a licensed driver is sitting behind the wheel, ready to move the car upon request.
Can I stop in my commercial vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant?No, never.
Can I park if there’s a parking sign within 15 feet of a fire hydrant?Yes, as long as you stay within the confines of the marked parking zone.
What if I wasn’t able to see the fire hydrant?It depends. If the fire hydrant was hidden somehow, it is up to the judge’s discretion.

Do I Have to Pay My New York Parking Ticket?

Upon receiving your ticket, you can:

  • Pay it
  • Appeal it
  • Ignore it

If you don’t want your fines to increase, you must pay or appeal your New York parking ticket within 30 days.

It may be tempting to ignore your tickets, but penalties can intensify, and NYC Parking Services is notorious for auctioning off cars of those who let fines build up. Other possible penalties for unpaid tickets can be:

  • The fine being taken out of your tax return
  • Your credit score decreasing
  • Your car being booted, and having to pay for it to be removed: For New York City, your car can be booted after accumulating more than $350 in parking ticket fines or camera violations.
  • Your car being towed, and having to pay for its return: this can happen if you park in front of a fire hydrant
  • Your car being claimed and sold by the state
  • Your registration being blocked
  • Your case being sent to a collections agency

It’s best to pay your parking ticket or appeal it within 30 days, and we can help you through the steps below. There are many different options for payment or appeal, and it may be worthwhile to submit your fire hydrant ticket for review by a judge.

How to Pay or Appeal your Parking Ticket

There are many ways to pay your parking ticket in NYC, depending on what mode of payment you prefer. Check out our chart below for your options, and scroll down to let us walk you through how DoNotPay can help make the process easier.

You must pay or appeal your New York parking ticket within 30 days:

Pay Online

[via CityPay]
Dispute Online
Pay By Mail

Cheques or money orders must be made out to NYC Department of Finance


NYC Department of Finance P.O. Box 680 Newark, NJ 07101-0680

Dispute By Mail

NYC Department of Finance Hearings By Mail Unit P.O. Box 29021 Cadman Plaza Station Brooklyn, NY 11202-9021

Pay or Dispute your Parking Ticket in Person

Manhattan Business Center 66 John Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10038

Bronx Business Center 3030 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor Bronx, NY 10455

Brooklyn Business Center Brooklyn Municipal Building 210 Joralemon Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Queens Business Center 144-06 94th Avenue Jamaica, NY 11435

Staten Island Business Center 350 St. Marks Place Staten Island, NY 10301

Pay or Dispute your Parking Ticket by App

[Hearings can be scheduled from here]

Download "NYC P-Ticket Pay or Dispute"

Ask Nicely, and Get Your Fine Reduced

New York Parking Services is unique in that if you go through the dispute process, you can be presented with an option to have your fine reduced if you choose to end your appeal. This option shows up when you make a request to get a hearing, and should only be chosen if you think you will likely lose your appeal hearing. You can do this here by selecting the last option on the form.

Dispute Your NYC Fire Hydrant Ticket in 5 Minutes

DoNotPay is revolutionizing the way parking tickets are handled. See for yourself! Here are the steps to get your parking ticket appealed using your very own AI Consumer Champion:

  1. Go to and log-in
  2. Select the Parking Tickets product card and upload a snapshot of your ticket
  3. Answer a few questions about the citation
  4. A coherent letter will be created using NYC’s applicable legislation

DoNotPay can even mail the appeal for you on your behalf! You’ll hear back from NYC once their review is complete.

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