How To Get an Express Refund

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How To Request an Express Refund With No Fuss

Situations in which the enthusiasm and excitement for ordering clothes vanish into thin air when you realize that you got the wrong size or a damaged item can ruin everyone's day. Such things and other types of omissions happen with online shops like Express as well. Opinions regarding their returns policy are diverse, given that plenty of reviews testify about the frequent misunderstandings related to it in stores. Truth be told, only a few of these comments aren’t the result of the lack of information about return rules and restrictions. This is the major reason why it's worth studying the Express refund policy in time—you want to know what you’re getting into.

How Does DoNotPay Help You Get an Express Refund?

Believe it or not, direct communication with Express can be avoided and everything can be done with the help of DoNotPay. Not only will it relieve you of tedious procedures and steps if there’s a delay or the company doesn’t cooperate, but everything will be solved in a few left-clicks. Sounds amazing? See for yourself how simple it is:

  1. Access the DoNotPay in a
  2. Sign in to your account and go to your profile page
  3. Scroll down and click on Get Protected within File a Chargeback option
  4. Answer all the questions, complete empty fields and follow the steps within dialog boxes
  5. Confirm your signature as well and then click on the Sign and Submit button

Once you complete all the steps with success, DoNotPay sends a letter with Visa/MasterCard codes and details to your bank via fax. There’s also a possibility to check the option that will allow DoNotPay to get in touch with the vendor instead of you.

How To Get an Express Refund On Your Own

The Express Terms & Conditions section suggests contacting customer support on 1-888-397-1980 in case of any questions or concerns regarding potential refunds. It’s toll-free—you just need to select option number 1 and wait for the first available agent to pick up your call.

In addition to the phone line, the help center also offers chat and email options. You can’t arrange a refund in this way though, but only get the required information and check if you’re eligible for this process.

Here are the options you have (or don’t have) at your disposal:

Can You Request a Refund Via






By Returning the Product via Post



Requesting a Refund by Returning the Product via Post

Here are the steps for requesting a refund process in this way:

  1. Find the return label and prepaid packing label you received within the parcel
  2. Check the option Refund on the return label and complete the form stating the quantity
  3. Attach the prepaid label to the outside of the box
  4. Send the parcel to the following address:


30 Transport Drive

Walton, KY 41094

Keep in mind that the prepaid label isn’t free. It costs $6.99, and that's how much the refund amount will be reduced by before being released back.

Requesting a Refund by Returning the Product in Person

Is there an Express store nearby? If so, there’s no reason to bother with the whole packing process and form completion. You can request your funds back like this:

  1. Visit the find store section on the Express website
  2. Find the nearest branch and check the opening hours
  3. Bring the product and the order invoice you got within the parcel or the purchase receipt to the store

It’s good to know that, when you don’t have the convenient receipt or invoice with you, you must provide the shop assistant with additional information such as transaction details. If the shop staff members find your purchase in the database and the time limit hasn’t expired, they’ll proceed with the refund process.

Understanding Express Refund Policy

Here are the main rules that customers must follow and take care of in case they want a refund:

  • The product for which you want a refund must be returned first
  • The deadline for returning items will be 60 days after the purchase in question, in case of the in-store procedure
  • The deadline will be extended to 90 days in case of posting the goods back to Express
  • You may return products only to stores located within the U.S., except for the Express Factory Outlet shops
  • The products you bought in regular shops and outlet stores can’t be returned via post
  • International refund requests require contact with customer support to determine eligibility and further necessary details

Situations in Which You Aren’t Eligible for Express Refund

Following the company’s rules and policies, there are a few scenarios in which refunds won’t be possible. This happens when:

  • The refund period stated in the refund policy expires
  • The ordered goods have a label that says they’re non-returnable
  • You remove the Do not Remove or Keep This Tag Attached label
  • You buy a gift card and change your mind
  • You don’t like the gift purchased in Express—the only compensation you can get is store credit or exchange

Issues You Might Encounter While Trying To Get Your Express Refund

Returning the faulty or unwanted item is the mandatory step before embarking on the adventure of negotiating to get your funds back. Yet, you should be aware of a couple more additional pieces of information. The amount that goes back to your account never includes delivery costs. Express doesn’t have the option for free returns via post and, because of this, there’s an additional cost in case you decide to send the package back this way. The price will depend on the weight of the parcel and it isn’t possible to determine the exact expense in advance.

Give DoNotPay a Go and Test All Its Amazing Features

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