How To Request an Envato Refund

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How To Get Envato Refund In a Hassle-Free Way

Envato is a prominent online platform with the role of a marketplace for all creatives who design digital content elements and consumers who buy them. The thing that might happen to anyone sooner or later is that, after the purchase, they’re not satisfied with the effect of the product. Questionable quality or things that are promised but not fulfilled can infuriate and disappoint everyone. Therefore, the first question that arises would be: how to get the funds back?

Envato Refund Policy: What Does It Say?

The good thing about the whole Envato story is that, unlike innumerable other companies, they’re willing to consider your refund request. The company boasts a regulated system according to which the seller is obliged to meet certain standards when it comes to the product being sold. In situations where these rules haven’t been complied with, you have every right to claim compensation.

There are limits and certain situations in which everything’s more likely to end in your favor:

  • Purchased goods don’t look as described by the seller
  • Purchased goods don’t work properly
  • The product carries a certain safety risk
  • Promised and advertised support hasn’t been provided to the buyer
  • Purchased goods weren’t downloaded from the platform within three months
  • Violation of any clearly stated laws in any sense

The way you get your money back depends on the method you used to make the purchase. In case you took advantage of your Envato credits, that’s the form in which your funds will be returned. The same goes for any other means of payment—the refunded amount goes to the original method used.

Situations In Which Envato Refunds Are Less Feasible

No matter how willing the company is to meet your expectations, not every reason for requesting your cash back is acceptable. Some of them, which may seem relevant enough to you, won’t agree with the regulations stated in their policy. Simply put—they characterize everything that doesn’t belong to the above-mentioned categories as an implication of a less likely positive outcome.

As their help center article says, here you have several cases in which it’s better not to get your hopes up:

  • You’ve just changed your mind and don’t want the item anymore
  • You purchased assets for the use of which you aren’t sufficiently trained
  • The purchased product has been permanently removed from the platform and you are no longer able to download it

In these situations, the author and Envato platform don’t bear any responsibility for the items in question and the company doesn’t recognize such reasons as relevant.

How To Request Envato Market Refund by Yourself in a Flash

Unlike countless companies that offer multiple ways of reporting an issue, Envato doesn’t seem to be so generous. Here’s the table that represents the availability of the possible options for getting a refund from Envato:

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes/No








In Person


There are a couple of ways in which the users of Envato request refund—but doing it via their website is probably something that’ll come to everyone’s mind first. You can perform this in a few steps:

  1. After logging in and entering the Envato Market help center page, scroll down, and choose option Buying and Item Support
  2. Click on Can I get a refund? section
  3. Scroll down and find the green button that says Click here to request a refund.
  4. Select the purchase you’re referring to, fill the form with as many details as possible
  5. Submit the completed form and you should receive a confirmation email

What happens next is that you get a specific tracking code that should help you find out more about the status of your request.

In most cases, the manufacturer of the faulty item is the one who receives your refund request—and they’ll appreciate more relevant pieces of information regarding the product complaint. Depending on the details and reasons you provide, they’ll decide if a refund is an option regarding the case in question.

CodeCanyon and Themeforest refund requests are exceptions, as they tend to go right to Envato support.

How To Demand an Envato Refund With the Help of DoNotPay

There will be situations in which you won’t be in the mood to navigate the site and fill out forms. This is when DoNotPay enters the scene, as it’s a much simpler option. The process takes only a minute or two and doesn’t contain complicated clauses and steps that you won’t understand.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Make sure you’ve opened the app in a
  2. Log into your account
  3. Scroll down to section Protection Products and click on the option Get Protected in File a Chargeback
  4. Confirm the necessary data (your name, payment method, bank, etc.)
  5. Verify your signature and submit the ticket

That’s all—once you submit it, the next thing that happens is an automatic arrival of your request to your bank.

How Long Will You Have To Wait for Envato Refund To Be Processed?

The refund Envato tends to provide to its users isn’t a complex procedure if you’ve shared pieces of information that are relevant enough with them. The author to whom the system forwarded your request should get back to you within five days. If you remain without an answer, you’ll be able to raise a dispute and resolve the issue in that way.

When the requests go straight to the help team, the deadline for finding out the outcome is three to five working days.

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