How to Dispute a Duluth Parking Ticket [Minnesota]

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A Duluth Parking Ticket is Easy to Beat!

is an AI-powered AI Consumer Champion that helps people dispute parking tickets in seconds. The Guardian published an article stating that DoNotPay has helped 160,000 people contest their parking tickets and overturned $4 million in fines.

If you received a parking ticket in Duluth, Minnesota, this article will provide you with all the information you need. Whether you want to appeal or pay the fine, we got you covered!

Parking Citation Penalties in Duluth

There are a number of traffic violations you can commit in Duluth that will lead to a parking ticket and a fine to pay. The following table offers an overview of the parking violations you can commit and the fine for each one:

Violation Fine
Expired or Unpaid Meter Fines$18
Your car is parked on:
  • An Alternate side (calendar parking) infraction
  • A 24-hour parking infraction
  • Resident permit parking zone
  • Parked facing wrong way
  • Parked on the front yard
  • Double parking
  • "No Parking" area - signposted
  • "No Parking" area - temporary signs
  • Feeding the meter: Going over the allotted time allowed for one vehicle by putting more funds
  • Aggravated meter: Occupying a metered space for more than two hours without paying
  • Parking over the line: Occupying two metered spaces
  • Backed into an angled parking space
  • Missing license plate
  • Parked in a loading zone
  • Parked in a truck zone
  • Parked in an alley
  • Parked on a boulevard (i.e., between street and sidewalk)
  • Parked on a sidewalk
  • Parked on a crosswalk
  • Parked Within intersection
  • Parked In front of driveway
  • Parked Within 7' of any driveway or alley
  • Parked Within 10' of fire hydrant
  • Parked Within 20' of crosswalk
  • Parked Within 20' of driveway entrance to fire station
  • Parked Within 30' of stop sign or traffic control device
  • Parked Within 50' of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing
  • Parked Within 75' of driveway entrance to fire station, when parked on the opposite side of the street and when properly signposted
  • Parked Alongside or opposite street excavation or obstruction
  • Parked On government property
  • Parked On bridge or in tunnel
  • Not parallel parked
  • Not within 12" of curb
  • Front wheels not turned to curb
  • Non-current license plate tabs displayed
  • Parked on a fire lane
  • Keys left in the ignition of the car
  • Snow emergency infraction
  • Taxi stand
  • Unattached trailer
  • Parked on a bus stop
  • Improper roadway clearance
Parked in a space that is reserved for physically disabled people. $200

For any inquiries regarding a parking citation in Duluth, you can contact the follow numbers:

  1. Parking Office: 218-730-5470
  2. Parking Permits: 218-730-5178
  3. Parking Manager: 218-730-5177

How You Can Pay a Parking Ticket in Duluth, Minnesota

Pay onlinePay online here
Pay through the phoneCall (866) 558-1419. Have your debit card or your credit card ready so that you can pay on the phone.
Pay through the mailSend a check or a money order to “Parking Violations Bureau,” P.O. Box 77, Duluth, MN 55801-0077Do not mail cash!
Pay in-personAddress: Ground Floor of City Hall, 411 West 1st Street, Duluth, MN 55802

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

How to Appeal a Duluth Ticket on Your Own

Duluth city makes it easy for anyone to appeal a parking ticket. If you believe the ticket was issued to you by mistake, fill out the online form here. You will need to provide your ticket number, date the ticket was issued, your license plate number, and your personal information. You will also need to submit a written statement on why you believe the ticket needs to be overturned.

The Duluth Police Department will review the dispute and provide you with an update. You can also dispute your ticket in person by visiting the Duluth City Hall from 8AM-4PM. Go to this address if you would like to appeal: Ground Floor of City Hall 411 West 1st Street Duluth, MN 55802

Contest Parking Tickets in Duluth, Minnesota in Only 4 Steps!

If you aren’t sure about your ability to dispute the ticket yourself, let DoNotPay appeal it for you! Artificial Intelligence has never been so useful! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the website on your browser
  2. Select the category “Ticket Disputes” and choose “Parking Tickets”
  3. A series of questions will then be displayed about the your citation, which state you received it in, and why it should be overturned
  4. Select whether you want DoNotPay to mail the letter for you or review it by selecting “Send the letter myself”

DoNotPay will automatically generate a letter written specifically for the state of Minnesota! Expect a decision from the traffic ticket issuer after 2 weeks!

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