How to Contest A Parking Ticket in Chicago and Win

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How to Contest A Parking Ticket in Chicago

Receiving a parking ticket in Chicago can be a frustrating experience. allows you to contest a parking ticket from the comfort of your phone in two minutes, without the need for an attorney.

Read on to learn how to contest a parking ticket with DoNotPay or on your own through the city of Chicago’s website!

Beat any parking ticket with DoNotPay

You can beat any traffic ticket with DoNotPay because the process is so simple and streamlined! DoNotPay has successfully contested and defeated hundreds of thousands of parking tickets, and we are confident that yours will not be an exception!

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Fighting a parking ticket from Chicago with DoNotPay

Contesting your parking ticket has never been easier:

If you want to contest a parking ticket in any state, you can follow the steps below, which will ensure that your contest and appeal are suitable for a successful decision

  1. Log-in to
  2. Provide a photo of your ticket, the citation number, and the details surrounding your appeal
  3. We’ll assign your case a specific state law and make sure it applies to your reasoning behind the appeal
  4. To send the letter, all you need to click is “Send the letter for me” and DoNotPay will mail the appeal to the provided address.
  5. If you prefer to look over the appeal before it’s sent, you can select “Send the letter myself”. Once it looks good, feel free to use the “Send Mail” product to have us send it for you!

Wasn’t that a painless process?

Contesting parking tickets in Chicago

The city of Chicago offers multiple ways to contest parking tickets on your own and we’ve provided a list of how to do so!

  • Apply for a hearing via the online application
    • Parking tickets, speeding tickets, and red light tickets can be challenged
    • You have until 21 days to apply for a hearing
  • Submit a contest of a citation 7 days within receiving the ticket
    • If you want to mail a letter, you will need to be the registered owner and submit a signed statement within 7 days
    • You can mail it to this address: City of Chicago, Department of Finance, P.O. Box 88292, Chicago, IL 60680-1292
    • You can also visit in-person to contest at any of these locations:
      • 2006 E. 95th Street
      • 4445 N. Pulaski
      • 400 W. Superior Street
    • If you are unhappy with the initial decision, you have 35 days to appeal it as well

How to Pay Parking Tickets in Chicago

    1. To pay for a parking ticket, you must go online to:
    2. Enter your ticket number, notice number, driver’s license, or license plate
    3. Once you’ve found the ticket, enter your credit card information
    4. Select either payment plans or instant payment to pay the traffic ticket in increments or all at once
  • In addition, you must always pay a parking ticket on time, as if you do not intend to contest, as you are violating the terms of the ticket

Do parking tickets show up on my permanent record?

  • Parking violations do not reflect on your driving record. Unpaid parking fees, on the other hand, may be reported to your local DMV, which may result in substantial consequences.
  • If you fail to pay your parking fines, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may suspend your driver's license or refuse to renew the registration of your vehicle.
  • Instead of paying or disregarding a parking ticket, why not register a formal complaint with the police? You should avoid squandering your hard-earned money on parking tickets that you may be able to challenge.

Do I have to pay for my parking ticket if I drive a rental?

If you acquire a parking ticket while driving a rental automobile, you are responsible for paying the ticket. Car rental companies such as Enterprise will need you to pay the cost of your ticket plus an additional administrative fee in addition to the price of your ticket. The administrative fee is between $30 and $45, depending on the conditions.

The vast majority of businesses will charge your credit card for the parking fine as well as the administrative fee on the spot. If you do not pay a parking fee that you received while driving a rental automobile, it is conceivable that both the administrative charge and the fine will increase. The administrative fee alone could be in the neighborhood of $100.

How much money do U.S cities make from parking tickets?

A parking ticket can cost anywhere from $44 to $200 on average across the United States. When it comes to parking garages and parking lots, it is often enough to cover the monthly charge for space. Parking fees alone produce hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for top-tier cities every year.

The following are the top 10 cities where parking tickets produce the most revenue:

  1. Parking fines in New York City were the most profitable, with the city generating $540 million from them.
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Houston
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Phoenix
  7. San Antonio
  8. San Diego
  9. Dallas

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