How to Dispute Clemson Parking Tickets

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Dispute Clemson Parking Tickets

Parking ticket fines are costly, but can be completely avoidable. This article will explain all you need to know about parking citations at Clemson University in South Carolina. It will also go over how to appeal the citation so that you do not have to pay a single cent!

Parking Citation Penalties in Clemson University

Clemson University recognizes 16 parking violations that would result with the issuance of a parking citation and a fine. The following table is an overview of each violation and the fines that come with it:

ViolationPenaltyVehicle Towed and ImpoundedHabitual Violator PenaltyHabitual Violator Vehicle Towed and Impounded
No Valid Permit$106$188$156$238
Invalid Permit For Disability Access$1,000$1,082$1,050$1,132
Invalid Permit For Service Vehicle Zone$60$142$110$192
Invalid Permit For Visitor Zone$60$142$110$192
Invalid Permit For Employee Zone$60$142$110$192
Invalid Permit For Student Zone$30$112$80$162
Parking Overtime$30$102$70$152
Parking in Fire Lane$64$146$114$196
Improper Parking (Obstruction)$30$112$80$162
Improper Parking (Not in Space)$30$112$80$162
Other parking Violation$30$112$80$162
No permit for Reserved Event Zone$30$112$80$162
Expired Meter$30$142 $80$162
Failure to Display Permit$30$112$80$162
Over Meter Limit$30$142$80$162
Impound Bicycle from Unauthorized AreaN/A$40N/AN/A

Note that: for a regular penalty (and not that of a habitual violator), there is a 50% discount that is applied if the penalty is paid within 15 calendar days).

How to Pay a Clemson Parking Ticket

You can pay for a parking citation you receive on campus through Clemson University Student Affairs. There are three methods of payment, the following list gives an overview of each of them:

  1. Pay online:
    1. You can pay online through the following link:
    2. Note that you should click on the blue ticket on the left regardless of what your ticket looks like.
  2. You can pay in person at the following address: Clemson University Municipal Court, 1376 Tiger Boulevard, Suite 110, Clemson, SC 29631
    1. Office hours:Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 4 PM
    2. Acceptable Payment Methods: Cash, check, credit card or money order
  3. Mail payment to: Clemson University Municipal Court, 1376 Tiger Boulevard, Suite 110,Clemson, SC 29631
    1. Along with the payment, you must mail your ticket number. The University will mail back a receipt of payment to your return address.
    2. Ensure that your payment is the correct amount, if it is not, then it will be sent back to you. If the correct amount is not received by the court before your court date, then your fine will increase and you may face other sanctions.
    3. Ensure that the check is payable to Clemson University.

You can also request a Scheduled Time Payment (STP), where you will appear before the judge on your scheduled court date to present a basis for your inability to pay the fine.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay?

No one ever wants to receive a parking ticket, but somehow, you may end up with one. If you think you can ignore it without any consequences, you should think again. This is what can happen if you do not pay or dispute the citation before the deadline:

  1. Your fine will likely increase: even if you had the best intentions and just missed that cutoff date, a late fee will be added to your fine. Late fees can often reach $1000!
  2. Your car will probably get towed or booted, even if you are legally parked at the time it is booted. In most states, your car can get booted if you have two or more unpaid citations.
  3. You could lose your car entirely because the state could seize your vehicle.
  4. You might end up in court where the judge will ask you to pay the fine, and an additional late fee.
  5. Your case may be handed to a collection agency, and having a debt collection show up on your account will damage your credit score. Not only that, but the parking violations bureau may report your misdemeanor to a credit bureau, which will ensure harm to your credit score.
  6. The DMV could refuse to renew your vehicle registration, or even suspend it before your registration expires.

If you are a student who has received a parking citation, then the university will withhold your diploma and prevent you from graduating until you pay.

Contest Parking Tickets in Clemson with DoNotPay

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