Appeal Parking Tickets In Cincinnati In Two Minutes!

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Appeal Parking Tickets In Cincinnati In Two Minutes

Short on time? Got a parking ticket? Let DoNotPay help you fight and win your appeal! Our AI Consumer Champion can take care of the difficult steps for you, and cut down on the time, effort, and money usually required to fight parking citations.

How Much Time Does DoNot Pay Save?

Regular parking tickets can take up to one regular workday to appeal, especially if you have to reach out to services, and await their reply. can cut this time down to two minutes!

Will DoNotPay Help Me Fight Parking Tickets From Private Companies?

Yes, DoNotPay will not only help you fight parking tickets you receive from the government, but also tickets from any private parking company, including Diamond Lot, Impark, Ace, SP+ Services, and any other company you may come into contact with!

Do I Need A Lawyer to Dispute Parking Tickets?

No! DoNotPay is designed to bypass the steps that a professional would take, and help you fight your parking tickets without having to involve outside help. Lawyers can charge upwards of 100$, and often charge hourly. It’s not worth incurring fees that may be more than the parking ticket itself!

What Happens If I Ignore My Parking Tickets?

Parking tickets come with penalties if they continue to be unpaid. For each jurisdiction in which you get a ticket, make sure to check at which point fines may increase, or what the consequences will be. In Cincinnati, any fine not paid after 14 days will be increased by 10$. After 21 days, the original fine amount doubles.

Other consequences:

  • Your fine can increase the longer you leave it unpaid [most common]
  • Your car can get booted, and you’ll have to call the city and pay your fines to get the boot removed
  • Your car can get towed, and you’ll have to pay extra fees
  • Your car can be seized by the state (in extreme cases) and auctioned off
  • Your case can get sent to a collection agency
  • The fine can be deducted from your tax refund
  • You can end up in court
  • Your credit score can go down

Paying and Appealing Parking Tickets in Cincinnati

Paying or appealing your parking ticket will stop the clock on your fines, which is rather urgent if you’re in Cincinnati. The penalties for late payment or appeal are quite strict, with fines still unpaid after 14 days being increased by 10$, and being doubled after 21 days.

Online Card

[8 am to 5 pm, weekdays]

City of Cincinnati Parking Violations Bureau

805 Central Ave., Suite 110

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cash, personal check (as long as the vehicle is not impounded or a block exists), money order, MasterCard, American Express, or VISA.
By Phone877-438-4941Credit Card
By MailPayable to “The City of Cincinnati Parking Violations Bureau”Mail check or money order (cash not accepted).

Please note: For payments in person or made by mail, your copy of the parking citations must be included. Extra fees may apply for credit card payments.

Dispute your Cincinnati Parking Ticket in Four Easy Steps

  1. can be accessed via our website, or you can download our app here for iPhone or Android
  2. Fill out the details of your citation, and attach a copy of it if possible
  3. Our software will produce a letter on your behalf, specific to the traffic legislation in Cincinnati. The limits don’t stop there, though —keep our app around and use it to fight other traffic tickets, contact your representatives, and much more. Find a full list of our services at the bottom of this article.
  4. Send this letter to the correct office, or let DoNotPay handle it for you! You can also use this information as a script if you need to attend any court proceedings.

It’s really that easy. There’s no catch. Sit back, relax, and wait to hear back about your case!

What else can you help me with for free?

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