How To Cancel Safeco

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A Safe and Sound Way To Cancel Safeco

Safeco is an insurance company that is a part of the Liberty Mutual Group. With Safeco, you can get home, car, or other vehicle insurance. The company can connect you with an independent insurance agent who can assist you in choosing the right policy.

If you have any reasons to end your Safeco insurance, we can help you cancel it.

Opt-Out of Your Safeco Insurance on Your Own

If you want to end your Safeco insurance, you have several ways to do it:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
Your Local Independent AgentYes

How To Cancel Safeco With the Help of Your Local Agent

When you want to get rid of your Safeco insurance policy, you can find your local independent agent and explain that you want to cancel your insurance. You should also ask for a written confirmation of your policy cancellation.

Terminate Your Safeco Insurance Policy Over the Phone

In case you can’t locate your agent, you can call Safeco’s customer service at 1-800-332-3226. Provide the customer service representative with your insurance policy details and tell them you want to cancel the service. Don’t forget to ask for a cancellation confirmation email.

Getting in touch with a Safeco customer service representative can take a while. If you want to save your time, use DoNotPay for jumping the phone queue. Here’s how we did it for the USAA customer service.

Let DoNotPay Deal With Your Safeco Cancellation

If you are not a people person and would like to avoid dealing with your local agent or a customer service representative, use DoNotPay to cancel your Safeco insurance! With our app, you can make the cancellation request in no time.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay from any
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Type Safeco when asked which service you want to end

Once you finalize your request, we will send a notice of your cancellation to Safeco. You will get an email from us as soon as we end your Safeco membership.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Recurring Subscription Fees With DoNotPay

DoNotPay has another awesome option—monitoring your subscriptions. This option can help you save money on the recurring subscription fees you forgot about. Connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay, and we will keep an eye on your subscriptions and offer to cancel the inactive ones.

What Safeco Charges Look Like on Your Bank Statement

This is how Safeco charges may appear on your bank statement:

SAFECO INSURANCE CO 800-332-3226 MADebit Purchase -visa Safeco Insurance800-332-3226maSAFECO INSURANCE CO 800-332-3226 MA
: SAFECO INSURANCE CO 800-332-3226 MASAFECO INSURANCE BILLSafeco Insurance Bill Payment
SAFECO INSURANCE CO 800-332-3226 MA 02116 USElectronic Withdrawal Safeco InsuranceSAFECO INSURANCE

Does Safeco Give Refunds After You Cancel Your Insurance?

The answer is—yes. You should contact Safeco’s customer service or your local agent to ask for your money back. If you want to get through the process faster, use DoNotPay to request a refund.

What Insurance Can You Get Apart From Safeco?

If you still want to play it safe, you can find alternatives to Safeco insurance:


Elephant Insurance

  • Choose from a wide range of insurance offers—car, home, renters, umbrella insurance, and more
  • Get different discounts, including a discount when using paperless billing

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

  • Find many insurance policies, including home, car, life, pet, or ID theft insurance
  • Earn a discount by combining different policies
  • Download the Nationwide Insurance app to manage your policy

If you switch to one of these insurance companies but don’t find it suitable for you, learn how to cancel Elephant Insurance and Nationwide Insurance with DoNotPay.

Can’t Find a Solution For Your Disputes With Safeco? Send Demand Letters To the Company With DoNotPay

If Safeco is acting unreasonable and you can’t solve your dispute, seek your justice at small claims court using DoNotPay! Our AI Consumer Champion app is designed to help you through the process of suing any company in small claims court. If you decide to take Safeco to court, we can assist you by:

  1. Drafting the paperwork you need
  2. Filling out the forms needed for the small claims court in your jurisdiction
  3. Composing a court script
  4. Preparing you for any situation, such as Safeco’s failure to attend the hearing
  5. Helping you sound more confident when presenting your case

DoNotPay has led many people through the small claims court suing process, and the American Bar Association recognized our efforts by honouring us with the Louis M. Brown Award for Access.

Solve Other Bureaucratic Issues With DoNotPay

If you need help with terminating any other insurance policy, use DoNotPay to get rid of it in no time! Learn how to cancel your Allstate or Progressive insurance. You can also use DoNotPay to request a GAP insurance refund.

Apart from dealing with cancellations and refund requests for you, DoNotPay has many other great options! Use any to access DoNotPay and get our assistance in:

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