How To Cancel Performance Golf Zone

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A Hole-In-One Way To Cancel Performance Golf Zone

Performance Golf Zone is an online publishing platform for golfers who are looking to improve their playing skills. The website offers free training videos and premium golf training programs for a bi-monthly paid subscription.

How To Cancel Performance Golf Zone by Yourself

If your game is now up to snuff and you no longer require Performance Golf Zone’s services, you can unsubscribe from the website via the following channels:

Can You Cancel With









Company Website


Cancel Performance Golf Zone via Email

You can cancel your Performance Golf Zone membership by sending an email to You should receive a confirmation email notifying you once the cancellation comes into effect.

DoNotPay Can Cancel Your Performance Golf Zone Subscription for You

If you prefer, DoNotPay can handle your Performance Golf Zone cancellation for you.

Heed these instructions:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Type in Performance Golf Zone as the service you want to cancel

And that’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation email from us as soon as we’ve canceled Performance Golf Zone for you.

If you wish to feed multiple birds with one scone and unsubscribe from several services at once, DoNotPay can give you a hand with that, too. When you connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay, we’ll identify which subscriptions and memberships you should stop paying for at once. Then, if you wish, we can also handle the cancellations for you.

Does Performance Golf Zone Offer a Free Trial?

According to the company’s Terms of Service, trial members receive a 14-day free trial membership to the Scratch Club/Quick Fix Vault.

You will be automatically charged once the two weeks run out. Performance Golf Zone will charge your selected payment method on a monthly basisif you selected a monthly planfor your membership fee until you cancel.

Does Performance Golf Zone Issue Refunds?

When you first sign up for the service, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your monthly plan, or a 365-day money-back guarantee if the yearly plan didn’t quite impress you.

You will not be able to get a refund for:

  • Monthly recurring payments of $19 per month for the Scratch Club/Quick Fix Vault
  • Monthly membership charges for the private online coaching program

Do you need to apply for a refund with Performance Golf Zone? The easiest way to do so is with DoNotPay.

Will Performance Golf Zone Let Me Pause My Subscription?

No, there is no possibility to pause your Performance Golf Zone subscription.

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