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When You Don't Feel the Connection Anymore — Cancel Connectpal Subscriptions

Connectpal is a platform for content creators where creative professionals can set up accounts, publish their work, and earn money. This website serves as a hub for creative workers and their audiences. It doesn’t cater only to bloggers, but to songwriters, health professionals, motivational speakers, etc.

What Amount Will You Pay for a Connectpal Subscription?

While anyone can create a profile for free, if you want to see someone’s content, you will have to pay the subscription fee set by the account owner plus a Connectpal service fee. Here’s the overview of how Connectpal charging system works:

Subscription Price

Service Fee
$4 or less



$16 or more

15% of the subscription price

If you want to follow someone else’s work, you will have to pay according to this charging method, even when you have a profile for posting content. For example, in case the content creator charges $5 for the access to their page, your credit card will be charged $6.99 at the checkout and then monthly.

Cancel Your Connectpal Subscriptions With DoNotPay

Maybe you were hoping for something a little bit different when you hit Subscribe on that Connectpal profile. Maybe you just want to cut your unnecessary monthly expenses. DoNotPay won’t ask for the details. We are the easiest tool to cancel any unwanted subscription, including Connectpal, from the comfort of your home and in mere minutes.

Getting rid of your Connectpal subscriptions with DoNotPay is as easy as one-two-three:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay profile in a for your smart devices
  2. Access Find Hidden Money from the homepage
  3. Enter Connectpal when asked about the service provider

That’s all! Our app will cancel the subscription on your behalf and notify you once it’s done.

Connect your email address or bank account information with our app and monitor other recurring charges. Eliminating those you no longer need with DoNotPay will save your time and money!

How Else Can You Cancel Connectpal Subscriptions?

Perusing the terms and conditions for ways to terminate unwanted subscriptions and memberships can be exhausting. If you would like to try it, the table below contains available methods to stop your Connectpal charges:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


Canceling Connectpal on the Company’s Website

Subscribers can cancel their paid subscriptions at any time in their account settings:

  1. Open Connectpal in a web browser and log in
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Select Billing Information
  4. Locate the button to cancel and confirm

If you want to do it on your phone or tablet, the process is slightly different:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Hit More at the bottom bar
  3. Select Cancel/Restore Subscriptions

Alternative Ways to Contact Connectpal

While canceling subscriptions through your account is the preferred way, if you need more help, you can contact Connectpal using:

Does Connectpal Have a Free Trial?

At this moment, Connectpal doesn’t allow content creators to offer free trials to their subscribers. As per their FAQ page, they might introduce this option in the future. If and when they do, you can use DoNotPay’s virtual credit card to take advantage of the free period without worries about being charged afterward!

Can You Pause Your Connectpal Subscription?

As a subscriber, you don’t have the option to put the Connectpal recurring charges on hold if you plan to take a break from accessing the content you pay for. Content creators can use the Away Mode option. If the profile owner you’ve subscribed to decides to stop publishing content for a while, you will be notified. During their away time, there will be no charges to your account.

Can You Get a Prorated Refund for Connectpal Cancelations?

Connectpal doesn’t offer refunds for partially used memberships, as stated in their Terms and Conditions. You can get your money back only if you request it within 30 days of purchase, and if you haven’t accessed or used your subscription.

Use DoNotPay for Other Administrative Issues

Customer advocacy is the priority for DoNotPay. Our app can help you cancel any subscription that needlessly burns a hole in your pocket, be it Netflix, Candy Club, or Retro Fitness.

There’s more! DoNotPay is a great assistant if you need to stop spam emails, make your bills lower, or get your money back from companies with a no-refunds policy!

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