How To Cancel Cheers Health

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When Battling Hangovers Is Not Worth It—Cancel Cheers Health With DoNotPay

Cheers Health sells products intended to reduce the negative side-effects of consuming alcohol by supporting your liver, boosting the immune system, and helping you feel less hungover after drinking. They offer three main product types:

  • Cheers Restore
  • Cheers Hydrate
  • Cheers Protect

Customers can purchase individual bottles or enroll in a discounted auto-refill subscription program with shipments of different frequencies.

Available Options To Cancel Cheers Health

If you like to drink, but hate waking up the next day as if hit by a bus, you might have tried solving the problem with a Cheers Health auto-refill subscription. When you realize those pills are not doing much for your hangovers, you will probably start searching for the most convenient way to stop those recurring charges as soon as possible.

Your available options are listed in the table below:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


Canceling Cheers Health Auto-Refills via an Email

Contacting Cheers Health is possible only by email. The cancellation process should include these steps:

  1. Write an email stating that you want to stop your auto-refills altogether
  2. Include relevant information such as your contact details, order amounts, account number, etc.
  3. Ask for a confirmation that your subscription has been successfully terminated
  4. Send your email to

Cancel Cheers Health With DoNotPay

Have you ever been in a situation where contacting customer support to cancel a subscription via email turns into an endless exchange of messages that don’t amount to anything? If you want to avoid such a scenario, use DoNotPay!

Our app was designed to provide the easiest and most convenient method for stopping subscriptions and memberships you no longer need. You tried the product or service, it wasn’t for you, you want to stop the recurring charges. It shouldn’t be complicated, and with DoNotPay, it isn’t.

DoNotPay values your time and your money, so we’ve made the cancellation process super simple:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay account in a
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money tool when you log in
  3. Enter Cheers Health when asked about the subscription you want to stop

There you have it! Your AI assistant bots will handle the cancellation on your behalf and notify you when it’s done.

Potential Issues When Canceling Cheers Health

When you decide to cancel or delay your auto-renewed Cheers Health orders, you should do it at least 24 hours before the renewal date to ensure the new order is pulled on time.

Does Cheers Health Offer Refunds?

As per the company’s refund policy, Cheers Health only issues refunds for the first order and only for one unit of each product. They promise to give your money back if you don’t feel at least 50% better after using it to cure a hangover.

Refund requests should be submitted by sending an email to within 15 days of purchase. Purchases made by recurring customers do not qualify for refunds, as well as those made through their Give $5, Get $5 referral promotion.

What Do Cheers Health Charges Look Like on Your Bank Statement?

If you’re combing through different charge codes on your bank statement to make sure Cheers Health is not taking your money anymore, look for the following descriptors:


Can I Take a Break From My Cheers Health Subscription?

According to their Help page, Cheers Health allows you to change and delay your auto-refills at any time. You can adjust your subscription from your account or by emailing their customer support team at

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