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The Fastest Way To Cancel CarSponsors Membership

CarSponsors is a service that promises their users car accessories, parts, and even installations sponsored by over 300 largest companies in the automotive industry, for only $79 a year. It seems like an exceptional opportunity, right?

Well, people are not exactly raving about it. In fact, some claim it’s a pyramid scheme. Besides, having “CS is not a SCAM” and “CS is Legit” sections on the main page of your website can come off as shady.

What frustrates users the most is that they cannot find the person in charge of canceling memberships. Luckily, DoNotPay can help you break free from this scam in seconds with our Find Hidden Money feature.

How To Cancel CarSponsors Membership on Your Own?

The service’s website is not particularly useful, as it gives little to no information on how to cancel your membership. In Terms & Conditions, they state that you can cancel or terminate your sponsorship within 48 hours of submitting the agency fee.

There is no Cancel option on the website. You can only request the cancellation by emailing customer support.

Cancel CarSponsors via Email

Follow the next steps to cancel CarSponsors by sending an email:

  1. Compose a cancellation email
  2. Include your membership information
  3. Specify the reasons for termination
  4. Send the email to

Keep in mind that you might not get a response soon, or ever, as some users say. In case you want to try a different option, check the following table for other methods:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No

Cancel CarSponsors by Stopping Regular Payments

CarSponsors lure you in with the promise of free car parts and claim that they use your credit card number solely for verification, which is a false statement. After they withdraw the money for the membership, they begin to send you some low-cost promotional material and start to charge additional fees.

The email cancelation method can take some time, and if you’re not willing to wait, you can cut them at the source. To do this, contact your bank and explain you want them to stop payments to this company.

Use DoNotPay To Cancel CarSponsors With Ease

If you use DoNotPay to cancel your CarSponsors membership, you won’t have to worry about funds being mysteriously withdrawn from your account. We will terminate the membership for good.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Tap on the Find Hidden Money feature
  3. Enter CarSponsors as the name of the subscription or membership you want to cancel
  4. Confirm

DoNotPay will terminate your CarSponsors membership on your behalf and notify you when the cancellation is finalized.

DoNotPay Can Help You Send Demand Letters To CarSponsors if They Wronged You

Aside from claiming CarSponsors is one of the biggest schemes, customers have numerous other complaints. Some of the most common ones are not being able to reach customer support or cancel the membership. If they violated your customers’ rights, we will assist you in taking them to small claims court.

Being honored with the ABA Brown Award for Access, DoNotPay serves as an outstanding AI assistant and a reliable partner in getting justice.

Other Ways To Get Sponsorships for Your Vehicle

After you terminate your CarSponsors account, you should check out other options for getting sponsors for your car. Find some of them in the table below:


JD Customs

  • Exceptional customer support
  • Custom-made vehicle parts and accessories
  • Mutually beneficial sponsorships


  • Sponsorship opportunities for anyone
  • Custom-made parts
  • Transparency

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