How to Cancel Bitdefender Hassle-Free

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How to Cancel a Bitdefender Subscription

It might be time to and upgrade to new antivirus software. You might be looking for an antivirus software program with a basic plan that works on Macs, a better VPN, with computer software programs, the landscape is always changing. No matter the reason, getting subscription services canceled can be aggravating, and we're here to help. Our goal is to help cancel unwanted services, packages, and products to simplify your life.

Besides canceling Bitdefender, countless other subscription services become unwanted hindrances throughout time. As a result, DoNotPay has figured out how to cancel other encumbrances like Planet Fitness, Epoch Payments, Sirius XM, Massage Envy, CVS CarePass, and Xbox Live. Whether it's any of these services or how to cancel Bitdefender, DoNotPay can get patrons out of these services without them racking up additional credit card charges and other headaches.

How to Cancel Bitdefender

The company must provide information about how to when customers no longer wish to subscribe. It would be illegal and unpopular business practice to continue charging customers for unwanted products. Bitdefender offers various ways to contact them by phone, chat, email, and through the Bitdefender central account.

Cancel Bitdefender by Phone

Bitdefender is active in several countries, so there are many support numbers to call. To cancel Bitdefender subscriptions, pick the number your country utilizes or use the international number. To start the Bitdefender cancel subscription process, give them a call. The lines are open 24/7 in all countries, but the French line in Canada is only there Monday to Friday.

CountryPhone Number
Australia61 2801 44572

61 2801 48283

61 1300 954 574

Canada(647) 955-1197

(647) 847- 3405

French translation is available.

New Zealand(64) 998 53551
United States(954) 414-9655
United Kingdom(208) 819-2649
Global(40) 21 264 1794

Stop Bitdefender Subscription Using Chat Support

Bitdefender customer service has a chat feature on their homepage. To cancel services via chat:

  1. Go to their website and look for Customer Support.
  2. At the bottom of the page, there is a chat box offering support services.
  3. This service is offered 24/7.
  4. Select this box and wait for an agent.
  5. Once you connect with an agent, tell them you want to cancel your account.
  6. They may cancel your account for you, or they may direct you to do it on the website.
  7. Tell them to please cancel it for you to save time.

Cancel Bitdefender Using Email

Here's how to cancel Bitdefender subscriptions via email:

  1. Go to the Bitdefender website.
  2. You will want to find the Customer Support section.
  3. You can write them an email.
  4. Click on the email icon and write them a message.
  5. It opens a ticket for them to process your request.
  6. Your account may not be canceled immediately.
  7. However, an agent will read it and cancel it.
  8. Follow up on it if they do not respond.

Unsubscribe From the Bitdefender Central Account

The last way to unsubscribe from their services is to open your account by going to Bitdefender Central. Bitdefender Central is the main location of your account and your data with them.

Here's how to cancel Bitdefender using the Central Account:

  1. Head over to Bitdefender Central.
  2. Access your account.
  3. Have a receipt handy for your purchase if possible.
  4. When you message them this way, you need an order number ready.
  5. The order number should be on the receipt.
  6. Scroll down through the menu to the "More Specifically" box.
  7. Pick the "Cancel Auto-Renew" option.
  8. They should cancel the subscription.
  9. Wait for a confirmation email.

Avoid Bitdefender Free Trial Charges Using DoNotPay's Virtual Card

If you only signed up for a free trial or are thinking about signing up for one, here's how to use DoNotPay's unique approach to avoiding fees after a free trial has ended. Bitdefender offers a 30-day trial, but here's how to avoid getting charged with it as long as you do this before 30 days are up.

  • Go over to DoNotPay's Free Trial Card section.
  • We offer a way to generate virtual credit cards.
  • It means that we can randomize a card number.
  • The card number is not linked to a real account.
  • It is only a pattern and can be typed in.
  • Once the free trial has ended, they will try to charge your account.
  • The account will no longer work since it's not a real credit card number.
  • When they cannot bill you, it cancels Bitdefender.

Let DoNotPay Cancel Bitdefender Faster

There are many ways to cancel subscriptions with Bitdefender, but each one requires some input from you and a waiting period. To cancel your subscription yourself, you may have to fill out a ticket, talk to a challenging support agent, or wait and see if someone working for them on the Customer Service lines will cancel it for you. When you don't have time and don't want to rely on a Customer Service Agent, let DoNotPay deal with Bitdefender.

Here's how to use the DoNotPay app to cancel Bitdefender in three steps and no hold time on the phone:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

After the third step, DoNotPay will take over and cancel your subscription. We will do our best and attempt to get you a refund.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Helping you cancel your subscription is only a drop in the bucket of our services. These are just a few examples of how we can advocate for you:

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