How To Cancel AT&T Digital Life

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Cancel AT&T Digital Life in a Flash

AT&T Digital Life is a wireless home security system designed for different types of property. If Digital Life didn’t live up to your expectations, and you want to get rid of it, you should be aware of AT&T’s intricate service agreement and potential cancellation fees. Not to worry—we’ll help you along the way and make sure you cancel AT&T Digital Life seamlessly.

What Does AT&T Digital Life Customer Agreement Say About Cancellations?

According to AT&T Digital Life policies, you can cancel your Digital Life services and return the equipment at any time. Depending on different factors, certain cancellation fees may apply:

Return TimeFees

Not returning the equipment

    • AT&T will charge you the non-discounted price of the equipment
    • It can range from $700 to $2,500

Canceling and returning the equipment within 14 days of the installation date

    • You are not subject to an Early Termination Fee
    • AT&T could charge you a Restocking Fee (ranging from $50 to $99) if you:

1. Used the equipment

2. Didn’t return all the parts

Canceling and returning the equipment after 14 days of the installation date

    • You are subject to an Early Termination Fee of $720 minus $30 for every month you have used the service
    • AT&T could charge you a Restocking Fee (ranging from $50 to $99) if you:

1. Used the equipment

2. Didn’t return all the parts

How Do I Cancel Digital Life on My Own?

Canceling the service and returning the equipment go hand in hand if you want to get rid of AT&T Digital Life. Check out the steps to cancel Digital Life if AT&T didn’t install the equipment:

  1. Call AT&T Digital Life Customer Care at 855 288 2727, and select Option 4. A customer service rep will provide you with instructions on returning the equipment, tell you about any fees you should pay, and answer any questions
  2. Pack the equipment in its original shipping box if you saved it or use a different box
  3. Attach the Pre-Paid Return Label (included in your shipment) to the top of your package, if the equipment was not installed
  4. Choose one of the following ways to return the equipment:
    • Schedule a pickup
    • Drop it off at the post office in your area
    • Send it through your local mail courier

If the equipment was installed, state that when you call customer service. They will send a technician to uninstall it. AT&T does not uninstall keypads, thermostats, door locks, contact sensors, lighting controls, and water shut-off devices. You should remove and return them yourself.

AT&T will process your return and cancellation within two to three weeks and issue a refund if you didn’t use or damage the equipment.

DoNotPay Can Assist You in Canceling AT&T Digital Life

Uninstalling, packing, and returning the Digital Life equipment is overwhelming enough. But dealing with customer support and calculating which fees could apply to you can be too much to handle! DoNotPay is here to be your virtual assistant and help you part ways with Digital Life faster. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Enter AT&T Digital Life
  4. Submit the request

We will contact AT&T Digital Life and streamline the cancellation process. Once the termination is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Alternatives to AT&T Digital Life

Check out some similar security services you may consider purchasing:

CompanyMonthly PriceFeatures
ADTFrom $36.99
  • Home security
  • Fire protection
  • Business electronic security
SimpliSafeFrom $14.99
  • Home security
  • Self-installed wireless security systems
  • Protection against leaks, fires, floods, etc.

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