The Cheapest Ways to Get a Birkenstock Repair

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How to Save on Birkenstock Repairs

Birkenstock footwear has been around for three centuries, with Johann Adam Birkenstock starting the business in Germany back in 1774. In the 1960s, the company arrived in America. Hippies of the early 1970s soon embraced wearing the famous Birkenstock sandals.

In more recent years, Birkenstock sandals are seen in the high fashion industry, with their footwear being known for their durability. Over time, though, their sandals can wear out. How can you go about finding the best price quote for a in your local area? Let us help make that process easier with our DoNotPay app.

What is the General Cost of Repairing Birkenstock Sandals?

Most sandals are on the rubber soles that often wear out from excessive use. Because Birkenstocks are expensive to buy, it's better to just get the soles replaced since it usually costs half as much as buying a new pair. The cost of repairing a pair of Birkenstock sandals has some interesting data:

  • An NYC Birkenstock repair specialist interviewed in The New York Times said he could replace the sole and footbed on these sandals for $75.
  • Many of those sandals being repaired are close to 30 years old due to customers becoming attached to them.
  • Local Birkenstock repair specialists are becoming a small local industry, even though Birkenstock has a list of recommended dealers.

You might be tempted to buy a new pair if you discover your Birkenstocks need major repair work. Considering the price of a new pair is sometimes close to $150, it's best to seek out repairs if you can.

How to Find the Right Repair Specialists for Your Birkenstock Sandals

If you go through Birkenstock's website, they offer a list of certified repair specialists in your local city or town. To find out more information, take these steps:

  1. Click on their Store Locator to find all certified repair shops.
  2. Keep in mind there is no warranty on Birkenstock footwear. Since they usually last for years with good care, it's not necessary.
  3. Birkenstock provides excellent care tips to keep your sandals in the best possible condition before needing any repairs down the road.

Other Ways to Find Quality Repair Shops for Your Birkenstock Footwear

Another way is to simply use Google and type in " near me." This usually gives you a list of the best places available in your city. Regardless, getting price quotes from each one is going to take time when you have dozens of repair stores listed.

Calling each one is always doable, but carving out time for that is challenging when your life is overly busy. You just want to get the best possible price without having to spend hours to save a few dollars. Here is the price list of Foot Wise repair shop.

Type of RepairsCostsInclusions
Birkenstock Footbed Replacement$87.00Put on a new sole

Clean/polish uppers

Put on a new classic footbed

Birkenstock Resole$52.00Reseal entire exposed cork area

Replace heel area with new EVA

Heel Wedges$30.00Replacement EVA matches original EVA

Reseal entire exposed cork area

Replace heel area with new EVA

How to Avoid Excessive Birkenstock Footwear Repair Fees

Not all footwear repair specialists are honest. While it's worth trying to go to a small, independent specialist, not vetting them beforehand could lead to unnecessary fees on your repair bill. Some might even claim you have other issues with your Birkenstock sandals, adding extra fees you didn't expect. Without expert opinion on price quotes, it's going to be as much of a gamble here as with car repairs.

Find a Better Price Quote for Your Birkenstock Footwear Repair with Our DoNotPay App

We can help you find a Birkenstock repair center at the best possible price. To eliminate all the excessive time it takes to get price quotes, we do the research for you on our DoNotPay app. It works with these three simple steps:

  1. Search for Quote My Repair on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the details of the repair you need.

  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged.

And that's all there is to it! We'll find competitive repair rates for your Birkenstocks in your area to give you negotiating leverage. Additionally, we help you spot attempts by repair specialists to charge you for unnecessary, overvalued, or even nonexistent services.

DoNotPay Works Across Multiple Companies

In addition to helping you find Birkenstock footwear repair quotes, we'll help you find the same for many other companies. There isn't a corporation we can't find a better repair quote for, which includes numerous notable names and products:

No matter the state where you live, we find the perfect repair price quote.

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