How to Save on Atmos Clock Repairs

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Everything You Need to Know About Atmos Clock Repairs

Atmos clocks are extremely delicate and sensitive and can only be repaired by Atmos Clock professionals. It's not advisable to try to repair an Atmos clock yourself because you can easily cause more damage to it, resulting in even more repairs than necessary.

But where can you find the best agent to fix your clock without breaking your budget? Because these clocks are so delicate and somewhat rare, they can be quite costly to repair, depending on the extent of the damage and what parts need repairing.

Today, we discuss what a completeis, the average charge for repairs, and how DoNotPay can help you find the best repair agent in your area.

What Is a Complete Atmos Clock Service?

Unlike other clocks, you will need to have your Atmos Clock fully serviced immediately its precision starts showing substantial variations. And unlike other gadgets such as a MacBook, iPhone, or LG refrigerator, the interval between each complete Atmos Clock service can be as long as 20 years apart.

A complete service for an Atmos Clock includes the following processes:

  • Complete dismantling of the clock
  • Cleaning the cabinet
  • Cleaning, oiling, reassembling and adjusting the movements. You may also need to replace some old or used components.
  • Final controls

All these operations can be quite demanding and time-consuming. That's why a complete service can sometimes take between 5 to 10 weeks, or even more, depending on the type of service required. Ultimately, the cost of a complete Atmos Clock service often depends on the complexity of the clock itself. That's why it is important to only seek a professional's help to repair your Atmos Clock.

The Average Cost of Atmos Clock Repairs

The average cost of repairing an Atmos Clock is around $450 plus the different parts that may need to be purchased. It is also important to note that Atmos Clock parts can be quite expensive and easily damaged.

Type of RepairsCost
Complete Atmos Clock Overhaul
  1. This will include
  2. Light case polish
  3. Oil Bellow test
  4. Clean movement
  5. Put clock in beat
  6. Clean Glass.

This repair and polishing process can take a couple of months before your clock is shipped back to you.

Chain Soldering

A Fine Solder application can be used to repair a broken chain on the Atmos Clock

Suspension Wire

This process could take several months before your clock is ready to be shipped back. Timekeeping is the main reason why you're taking your Atmos Clock to be repaired in the first place. And it can take even more time to observe and adjust your clock properly.

Case Refinishing

This price may also vary, depending on the detail of the refinishing and the Atmos Clock repair company you're using.

  • $750 for a brass bath plating
  • $1,500 for a 24kt Gold bath plating
Dial Restoration

You can order for a dial restoration process that may include:

  • Deep Blue Metal-Flake Lapis
  • Silver
  • White
  • and more.

All these come with Swiss under the 6 and LeCoultre under the 12.

Black Marble Base with a Dedication Plate

This restoration adds a great display that will turn your clock into an artifact. This option is great for providing a stable flat surface for your Atmos Clock for it to run smoothly.


How Often Do Atmos Clocks Need to Be Repaired?

Many Atmos Clock manufacturers recommend cleaning and repairing them at least once every 20 years or as needed. Depending on the Atmos Clock you have, some can run for much longer periods before needing to be serviced. The clock's environment also plays a significant role in how sooner or later you may need to have it repaired.

Unlike other gadgets and appliances that we use every day, such as Apple Watch, Samsung gadgets, or Apple devices that may need servicing almost yearly or after every two to three years, Atmos Clocks are quite durable. They will function normally without needing repairs for about two decades before needing to be cleaned and repaired. Afterward, you may need to service and maintain them annually, if possible.

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