How to Save Money on Asus Laptop Repairs

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How to Get the Best Price Offers for Asus Laptop Repairs

The Asus manufacturer warrants the with 12, 24, or 36 months (depending on the model) free of defects in its components and functionality. However, you may encounter an issue with your Asus laptop and need some repairs before you continue using it.

The problem comes in when you have to contact the Asus manufacturer for repairs or, worse still, get help from the local repair shops. In most cases, the repair costs at the manufacturer go as high as the initial buying price of the laptop, while other local repair shops charge unnecessary fees without your knowledge.

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How Much Does Asus Charge for Laptop Repairs?

Suppose your laptop is within the warranty period and fails during normal working conditions. In that case, Asus will repair the laptop, replace the defective parts, or replace the product if it is irreparable. This process will not cost you a dime as the warranty covers it.

On the other hand, Asus will charge you a diagnosis, service, and onsite fees to repair your laptop if the warranty is expired. The fees are as follows:

Diagnose fee$5
Service fee$10
Onsite fees$8 for a distance over 50 KM

The fees mentioned above are non-refundable and do not include the repair cost. Once you send your laptop to Asus for repair, the technicians will diagnose your laptop and send you a price quote corresponding to your laptop's problem.

You will have an option to accept the amount in the quotation and make payments for the repair to continue, dispute the quote for Asus to review it, or reject the quote and find another alternative.

How to Get a Repair From Asus

If the problem is software-based and can be fixed remotely with a few instructions, you can quickly contact Asus customer service online and get help. Before contacting Asus, be sure to have the following information at arm's length.

  • Your laptop's serial number
  • Model name
  • Proof of purchase

On the other hand, if your laptop cannot be fixed remotely, you may need to visit an Asus shop near you and get it fixed. Asus has repair centers in many locations, so you can get your laptop fixed in any Asus shop near you.

You may need to bring in the required documents and non-refundable payments as they should be paid up-front. The charges may differ depending on your local repair shop. Asus technicians at the repair shop will check your laptop and send you an email with a quotation of the price.

Are There Cheaper Options for Asus Laptop Repairs?

While you can go to an authorized Asus shop for repairs, third-party repair shops may offer more convenience, flexibility, and lower costs. These third-party repair shops are not certified by Asus for any Asus repairs and are not covered by any warranty.

You can find local repair shops near you and get it done. Or, you can find well-known shops online through a simple Google search.

When getting help from such repair shops, you should be on the lookout for those who are maliciously seeking to scam or overcharge you.

How to Avoid Excessive Asus Laptop Repair Fees

Some fees you are likely to pay unnecessarily include the following:

  1. Additional repairs – At the shop, the technician may notice something else that needs to be repaired, and they go ahead to repair it, adding to your price.
  2. Shop fees – You might need to pay shop fees as part of the service fees if you take the laptop to the store.
  3. Part markup fees – If the technician replaces a part on the laptop, you may end up paying more than what the part costs.
  4. Break and fix – Some cunning technicians may break a part of your computer and repair it for you at your expense.

The only way to avoid these costs is to ask for a detailed price quote and dispute it until you get a better price. However, DoNotPay can help with that and make things easier for you.

How to Get the Best Price Offers for Asus Laptop Repairs Through DoNotPay

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