How To Contest An Annapolis Parking Ticket?

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Appealing An Annapolis Parking Ticket – And Winning!

As mandated by the Office of the State's Attorney, SP+ is the city’s approved agent and has the authority to review and adjust parking citations. The Annapolis city garages are open around the clock, during weekdays and weekends. Meanwhile, metered parking is available throughout the week and costs $2 per hour, capped at two hours. Vehicles are required to move after two hours and refeeding is not allowed. In this article, we will enlighten you on what to do when you have received an and how to dispute the citation quickly and efficiently.

Schedule of Parking Violation Fines in Annapolis

In 2020, Annapolis updated the fines imposed for municipal citations. The Financial Advisory Commission has the authority to impose the fines, as follows:

Parking adjacent to redlined curb, bus stop zone, or fire hydrant zone


Parking adjacent to the yellow-lined curbFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Parking with left side to curbFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Angle parkingFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Parking vehicles alongside other stopped or parked vehicles


Parking more than twelve inches from the curbFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Blocking driveway entrances to fire stations$250
Leaving a motor vehicle unattendedFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Places where stopping is prohibited by signs$50
Parking reserved for persons with disabilities$100
Parking within thirty feet of an approach to flashing signal, etc.


Parking trailers$50
Parking of motorhomes on city streets$50
Parking buses$100
Posted "No Parking"$50
Parking on sidewalks prohibited$100
Eight-hour parking on King George Street between Wagner Street and the King George Street Bridge

Fine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee

Two-hour parking on State CircleFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Removal of vehicles parked for longer than forty-eight hours or in prohibited areas


Failure to pay the parking fine

Failure to pay a fine within 15 days shall result in an additional cost of

$10. Failure to pay within 23 days shall result in an additional cost of

$15 and notification to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration which may assess administrative fees and refuse to permit the registration or transfer of the registered owner's vehicle.

Parking in metered space for more than two hoursFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Parking at an expired meterFine is equal to two times the daily maximum garage fee
Parking places and parking lots$250
Parking during scheduled street cleaning$50

How to Appeal a Parking Citation?

If you believe you have been cited for a parking violation by mistake, there is a two-level procedure that you must follow to appeal. The first step to the process is administered by SP+, Annapolis's on-street parking operator. The second step to the process needs to be requested at the district court for Anne Arundel county. Here is the citation process as follows:

1. Administrative review – If you submit the appeal online, you have 10 days from the ticket issuance date. If you submit the appeal by mail, you need to fill out the appeal request form and mail it to:

SP+ Citation Processing Center

60 West Street, Suite 106

Annapolis, MD 21404

The results of the review will be sent via email or USPS within 7 to 14 days.

2. Adjudication hearing request – If your administrative review appeal was denied, you may request for a court hearing no later than 7 days from the review disposition notice. Your request will be forwarded to the district court and the court will notify you when the hearing is scheduled.

The most common grounds for appealing a citation are as follows:

  • Improperly written tickets
  • Ambiguous signages
  • Valid reasons supported by documentation such as stolen license plate, transferred vehicle, permit not visible, and others

Although you have an option to appeal a citation, not all reasons can be recognized by the court such as:

  • Ignorance of Annapolis’s parking regulations
  • No other vehicles were ticketed
  • There is no designated parking available
  • Insufficient cash to pay the meters or pay stations

Contest Parking Tickets in Annapolis in Less Than 120 Seconds

One of the best ways to fight an infraction is to hire a parking ticket attorney. However, this will also cost plenty of money. If you plan to contest a ticket on your own, you may expect to spend a lot of time preparing for the hearing and go through the stress of preparing documents.

That is where DoNotPay can help! Our service facilitates ticket appeals so the process is fast and efficient. We have a track record of successfully challenging 250,000 tickets and counting. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to DoNotPay’s or app.
  2. Answer a few questions.
  3. The app will generate an automatic letter written specifically for Annapolis.
  4. Press ‘Send’ and DoNotPay will send the letter on your behalf.

That’s it! What’s next is to simply wait a few days and receive the result of the appeal.

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