How To Contest Alexandria Parking Tickets?

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Contesting Alexandria Parking Tickets in Minutes

In the city of Alexandria, police officers and parking enforcers are responsible for enforcing vehicular regulations and rules on stopping, standing, and parking on public streets. The Finance Department’s Treasury Division processes the citation payments. Meanwhile, the Police Department enforces the collection of fines and late payment penalties. In this article, we will enlighten you on the common parking violations, how to pay for tickets, and how to .

Common Parking Violations and Other Issues

One of the topmost common parking violations is the expiration or the misuse of a parking meter. To avoid a citation, you must display a meter receipt on the dashboard clearly when parking in the city's multi-space meters. Additionally, here are some of the most common parking violations and issues:

  • Illegally parking in a residential permit parking district
  • Failure to secure or purchase a current state license plate
  • Not passing the annual safety inspection and failing to display a valid safety inspection sticker
  • Not displaying disabled parking in a handicap parking space
  • Parking less than 50 feet from any corner
  • Parking less than 50 feet from a fire hydrant
  • Parking a vehicle on a city street for more than 72 consecutive hours
  • Parking within the same block for more than the posted time limit
  • Parking a commercial vehicle overnight in a residential district
  • Performing repairs on a vehicle parked in a public space
  • Parking in an alley or court without an official sign
  • Not parking with the right side parallel to the curve
  • Transferring a vehicle's ownership without removing the license plates

How to Pay For Parking Citations

When paying for parking citations, take note that there is a processing fee of $3. This is not included as revenue to the city. eCheck is not accepted as a payment option for parking tickets. Here below are the different methods to pay for parking citations in Alexandria :

By MailSend a check or money order to:

Alexandria Citation Processing Center

P.O. Box 549

Belle Mead, NJ 08502-0609

By Phone703-782-9176
In-PersonPaying at the Treasury windows on the first floor of the city hall on 301 King Street
Paying around the clock at the dropbox on the Royal Street side of City Hall

Online payments are not accepted for the execution of the Northern Virginia Local Motor Vehicle License Compact or parking tickets for booted or impounded vehicles.

Contesting a Parking Violation in Alexandria

If you believe the citation was issued due to an error, you may request an administrative review from the city's Parking Adjudication office. To dispute, the citation with the adjudication office, a $10 fee will apply. If your citation does not qualify for review or is upheld after the review, you may contest it at the General District Court. Here below are the steps on how to contest a parking violation in Alexandria :

  1. You have 10 days from the issue date to request an administrative review at the Parking Adjudication office.
  2. You may submit your contest online and pay the $10 fee at the office.
  3. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the review, you may make an appeal to the General District Court.
  4. Complete a General District Court form to schedule a hearing in advance.
  5. Submit the contest to the court online.

Information to Include During Appeal

When appealing a parking ticket, make sure to indicate the citation number including relevant documents and a brief explanation of why you are contesting the citation. Depending on the type of violation you were cited for, having enough evidence can help support your case. When you contest a citation, make sure to include the following:

  • Photographs of the vehicle or license plate number
  • Death certificates if they apply
  • Deployment orders
  • Medical certificates
  • ParkMobile session report
  • Pay station receipts
  • Personal property tax receipts
  • Police reports
  • Vehicle bill of sales
  • Vehicle registrations

Contest Parking Tickets In Alexandria In Less Than 120 Seconds

Most often, appealing a parking ticket differs in theory and practice. Though it may seem straightforward, the difficulty is in drafting professionally written letters and in keeping track of deadlines. Having a expert to contest the citation can guarantee results but it also means expensive attorney fees.

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