How To Find Unclaimed Money in Arkansas

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Getting Unclaimed Money in Arkansas Is Easy as All Get-Out—Here Is Why

The United States government reports around 58 billion dollars in unclaimed money across all states. The Arkansas state government currently holds custody of 170 million dollars in unclaimed property, including forgotten bank accounts, uncollected paychecks, or unclaimed life insurance policies.

Most people lose track of some amount of their money at some point, so it is safe to assume that searching for unclaimed funds under your name will bring positive results. We will present you with the most practical options for tracking down your lost funds.

What Is Considered Unclaimed Money in Arkansas?

Any property that a rightful owner hasn’t claimed during a certain period is considered unclaimed or abandoned. In Arkansas, the dormancy period—time that passes before the funds fall under the government’s safekeeping—usually lasts from one to three years.

Business and government agencies are required by law to check every year if they possess any unclaimed money and file a report to the Arkansas State Auditor’s Unclaimed Property Division. The report ensures that the unclaimed property can be returned to its owner.

During the dormancy period, a company or a financial institution will try to contact you about your property. Once the escheat takes place, it is up to you to find and repossess any funds under your name from the government. We will help you do that with as little effort as possible.

What Are the Types of Unclaimed Money in Arkansas?

It is hard to believe that so much money lies around in Arkansas. It may look like a scam, but considering that people sometimes are unaware of what qualifies as unclaimed money, it is not surprising.

Most times, we are not sure what to look for besides the obvious—inheritance, insurance checks, or bank accounts contents. This issue often causes us to miss out on an opportunity to take what is ours.

Here is a table of the types of unclaimed money that you may not have considered and their dormancy periods in the state of Arkansas:

Type of PropertyDormancy Period
Wages and commissionsOne year
Traveler’s checks15 years
Credit balanceThree years
Courts One year
Safe deposit box contentFive years
Money ordersSeven years
Stocks and other equity interestsSeven years
Pension checks, retirement accounts, and plans Three years

What Is the Deal With so Much Unclaimed Money in Arkansas?

Since financial institutions that have your money must inform you of its existence during the dormancy period, the question is—why do they fail? The most common reasons your money can go unclaimed for years in Arkansas are:

  • You might have changed your last name or moved and failed to update your current address
  • It may be that you have forgotten to claim your last paycheck
  • You lost track of the money from your previous bank account, or you were embarrassed to claim it because the amount was too small
  • It is possible that you moved and failed to collect your utility deposit back
  • You can be unaware of some life insurance money or inheritance that you are entitled to because a deceased relative didn't leave a will or failed to name the beneficiaries

People often think that the process of claiming lost assets will cost them a lot of money or be too complicated. We are about to show you that is not the case with our suggestions of the most practical ways for finding unclaimed money.

How To Protect Yourself From Unclaimed Money Scams in Arkansas

For as long as unclaimed money has been around, people have been trying to pull off unclaimed money scams. It is not uncommon for people in difficult financial situations to fall victim to fraud.

The most effective way of protecting yourself from any fraudulent activity is to get information about how the scammers operate. The scams are conducted over email, phone, official letters, or via text messages, and the most distinctive telltale signs are:

  • People asking for money to help you reclaim your property—The legitimate process of claiming back your money is free of charge
  • An unknown person requesting your bank information, the Social Security number, or any other personal information—They can use it to steal your identity
  • People representing themselves as Unclaimed Property Administration Officers over the phone—Government officials will never reach out to you once your property has been declared abandoned

How To Find Unclaimed Money in Arkansas on Your Own

One of the ways of claiming your funds is via the Arkansas Unclaimed Money website. It is the official website of the Arkansas State Auditor’s Unclaimed Property Division. Arkansas has updated its system by eliminating paperwork and shortening the time people usually spend waiting for a check.

Follow these steps to file a claim:

  1. Click Search under Claiming Property
  2. Fill in the required fields with personal information and click Search
  3. Hit the Claim button next to the property and wait until the website lists all possible matches
  4. Tap on the View Claimed Properties button
  5. Select the status of the claimant in the drop-down menu
  6. Click the File Claim button in the top right corner
  7. Fill the form with personal information, then hit Next

The next step is to wait for further instructions. Make sure to prepare the necessary documentation to prove your identity. If everything is legitimate, you will receive a check or information on how to acquire your lost property.

Looking for Unclaimed Money in Arkansas—How Can DoNotPay Help?

DoNotPay offers the simplest solution to your administrative problems! We specialize in providing an effortless service in your search for missing funds. You will be able to locate your lost property in just a few clicks. The process is straightforward:

  1. Access DoNotPay in your
  2. Navigate to the Missing Money feature
  3. Type in your personal information

DoNotPay will conduct a thorough search through various databases to find all forgotten assets, regardless of your current or past addresses. In case there is a match and you are entitled to unclaimed funds, you can use the Claim My Property feature. DoNotPay will even file the claim in your name, which is bound to save you time and energy.

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