Sample Letter to Request Accommodations for ADHD Students

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Sample Letter to Request Accommodation for ADHD Students

Students with ADHD struggle with attention and focusing on activities that are challenging or seemingly unattractive to them. The school system has to adjust the learning process to accommodate these students in the typical learning environment.

The adjustments have to extend to testing accommodation where a few rules are bent to give ADHD students equal ground to show their educational aptitude alongside their regular peers. A letter is an important document when requesting ADHD testing accommodations.

A letter requesting for accommodations should be simple but contain all the necessary information. DoNotPay helps you compose the perfect through the Testing Accommodations Product.

How Do I Write An ADHD Testing Accommodation Request?

Before requesting ADHD testing accommodation for your child, you need to get an official diagnosis from a mental health professional or a primary care provider with ADHD diagnosis experience.

After diagnosis, the student might be placed under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), a 504 plan, or given the go-ahead to request testing accommodation. You have to write a letter explaining your child's case to request testing accommodation.

The letter must contain the following details:

  1. Personal information including, name, age, and student information
  2. A personal account about the student's ADHD condition and how it is limiting them from functioning effectively in the regular environment
  3. Pinpoint the exact weak points brought about by the ADHD condition
  4. Specific accommodations that you believe will work to give your child a better education experience
  5. Doctors report showing correct diagnosis and recommendations
  6. Name and contact address of the doctors, including the email, fax, and telephone
  7. Consent, allowing the accommodation committee to use our information in all necessary ways to facilitate your request
  8. Attach all relevant documents

NOTE: Consent allows the accommodation committee to send your information to third parties, including your doctor, for clarification or a higher accommodation office if a disagreement occurs. The committee can also access your medical records by contacting your doctor.

However, your information cannot be used for other purposes other than processing your accommodations request unless you allow it.

Sample Letter to Request Accommodation for ADHD Students

Here is a sample of what should be included in an ADHD testing accommodation request letter:

  1. Date
  2. Address
  3. Student name
  4. Class details
  1. Describe the student's ADHD condition, its nature, extent and how long it has been since diagnosis.
  2. The accommodations recommended by the doctor or the ones you feel would help ease the student into the learning environment.
  1. Doctor contacts and address
  2. List of all the supportive documents you have attached to the letter
  3. Consent for information sharing
  4. Parent's signature, address and date

What Types of Accommodation Do ADHD Students Get?

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disorder commonly characterized by over-activity, impulsivity, and\or inattention. These students have issues with listening or taking instructions, sitting calm, inability to stay and finish on tasks, and having trouble paying attention and responding to details.

There are three types of ADHD conditions with different characteristics, such as:

  1. ADHD predominantly inattentive type
  2. ADHD predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type
  3. ADHD combined type

Individuals with ADHD tend to be perfectionists and be too hard on themselves. Here are some general accommodations that can help them set boundaries and control the unrealistic expectations they have on themselves:

Encouraging creativity

Help them identify their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses

Point out that they have been working for so long, and show no signs of overworking

Introduce them to an ADHD coach to help them increase their productivity and have a healthy work-life balance

Before setting specific accommodations, consider what type of ADHD the student has and the limitations the person is experiencing. Key accommodations revolve around three main pillars, including:

  1. Time management
  2. Hyperactivity/ Impulsivity
  3. Focus/Concentration

Here are examples of simple accommodations for ADHD students:

  • Provide a structured time break to help them fight boredom and refocus
  • Review the conduct policy to accommodate the student's hyperactivity and talkativeness
  • Provide a quiet working place and allow the use of noise cancellation technology to minimize distractions
  • Minimize marginal functions to help them focus on one item, provide a to-do list to help them keep with the assignment and educational goals
  • Introduce assistive technology such as times, calendars, and educational apps
  • Assist the student with activity prioritization
  • Assign the student with a mentor
  • Adjust test and classwork supervision

Let DoNotPay Write the ADHD Accommodation Letter for You

An accommodation letter is your leeway to present your case in the most elaborate yet straightforward way. A well-written accommodation request letter increases your chances of getting the accommodation you need.

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