Easily Request LSAT Accommodations In 3 Steps

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Easily Request LSAT Accommodations In 3 Steps

is a requirement for many law schools in the United States and Canada. The test aims to assess your skills, which determine your success in the first year of your studies in law school. The test is unfriendly and difficult for most students, especially those with disabilities.

According to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), you are entitled to reasonable academic testing accommodations if you have a mental or physical disability. But it can be challenging to get LSAT accommodations if your evaluation does not go through. Additionally, you must explain how the disability affects your ability to take the test and why the accommodation would be of help. The good news is that you can engage DoNotPay, which understands these challenges and can help you out.

Everything You Need to Know About LSAT Accommodations

The LSAT is the second common standardized exam after the State Bar exam where students ask for testing accommodation.

The LSAT has a particular website dedicated purposely to outlining the policies governing accommodation for test-takers with disabilities. Unfortunately, the website is somehow complicated, and many disabled students find it hard to find the procedure for requesting accommodation.

Learn How ADA Applies to LSAT Accommodation

As mentioned earlier, the ADA houses the rights of the disabled in the United States and ensures that you are given preferred academic treatment. The ADA defines a person with a disability as one whose impairment substantially interferes with their physical activities and, in this case, LSAT exams. Substantial interference doesn't mean that a person cannot perform an activity, but their performance ought to be compared with the rest of the students without disability.

What Are the Disabilities Covered Under the ADA for LSAT?

ADA houses a wide range of mental and physical disabilities for accommodation on the LSAT, including:

  • Attention-Deficit Disorder
  • Dyslexia
  • Psychological conditions including anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress, and more
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual disabilities

What Are Some of the Documents Required for Requesting LSAT Accommodation?

You are given if you cannot take the exam in a standardized setting. You have to show extensive evidence that the disability limits your potential and activity: reading, concentrating, thinking, and even writing. You must provide documentation to prove that the disability interferes with your potential to perform these activities. These documentations include:

  1. Disability history
  2. A professional recommendation
  3. Certified evaluation reports
  4. Psychoeducation results
  5. Your statement about your disability
  6. School reports and results

What Are the LSAT Accommodations?

Below are the preferential benefits if you qualify for the LSAT accommodations:

  • Speech recognition software
  • Using computers to typewrite sample portion
  • Paper and pencil format with large font
  • Extended LSAT exam time. You will be given more time to tackle your exam
  • If you are visually impaired, you are provided with extensive font exam booklets or braille
  • If you are physically disabled, the exam room will be situated in a room that you can access with your wheelchair.
  • A private testing room
  • You should take your exams in a room free from distractions to express your full potential

Reasons Why Your LSAT Accommodations Request Might Be Denied

You may have your request denied even if you presented your evaluation with a professional evaluator for the following reasons:

  • If your evidence of disability is not from a qualified professional who has obtained a license and necessary skills in the disability field
  • If your evaluator did not carry out a thorough psychological or educational test that indicates that you need special treatment
  • If your statement to express the need for an accommodation does not give a reasonable explanation
  • If your cognitive disability test was done five years before you submitted your accommodation request

Learn How to Request for LSAT Accommodations on Your Own

Below are steps to follow when requesting LSAT accommodations on your own:

  1. Visit LSAT official website.
  2. Create your account if you don't have one. Take note that you must have registered for an LSAT test date. You will not be allowed to begin the online application process unless you have registered to take the test.
  3. Access the online request form through activating Request accommodation on your LSAT-created account.
  4. LSAT accommodations guide you in steps on how to fill out all the necessary information and documentation required. If you cannot finish your request process in one sitting, you can save the progress and continue later.
  5. Submit your filled request form before the deadline indicated on the LSAT dates

If you have previously approved LSAT accommodation, your request will be approved and you will get equivalent accommodation. For more information about an individual with a previously approved LSAT, see here.

You can contact LSAT through:

LSAT Accommodation Support EmailLSACinfo@LSAC.org
Phone Number215-968-1001
HoursMonday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET

LSAT Accommodations Contact PageHelp Page

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Learn How to Request for LSAT Accommodations Using DoNotPay

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