How Long Does It Take to Get a 504 Plan?

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How Long Does It Take to Get a 504 Plan?

Raising kids with a disability requires a lot of energy from the parents and a strong support system. Different constitutional acts have been put together to help children and people with disabilities have equal chances in life.

Regulations such as testing accommodations and 504 plans are put in place to help students with disabilities gain fair learning and assessment grounds with their fully able peers. If your child has a serious health condition or injury but does not qualify for special education, you should apply for a 504 plan.

The can be up to 90 days. But there are meetings and discussions that must occur, first. DoNotPay helps you get the 504 plan in a shorter duration by simplifying the application process. Sign up on our website and utilize our Testing Accommodation tool today.

What Is a 504 Plan?

The is Section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that advocates for customized educational programs for students with mental and physical impairment.

The 504 plan legally ensures that disabled students in public schools, or publicly funded private schools, are treated fairly in school. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a disabled person as one with mental or physical impairments that limit them from normal life activities.

Children with acute health conditions that limit their functioning and require constant attention are also covered by the 504 plan.

There is a difference between a 504 plan and an individualized education program (IEP) in that students under IEPs receive different educational services in a regular or special school. A child under the gets the same educational services, only with more enhancement and guidance.

Types of Accommodations in 504 Plans

The 504 plan covers every child whose mental or physical impairment holds them back from doing any of the following activities comfortably:

  • Breath, eat, walk, or sleep
  • Sit, bend, stand, walk, work, or lift
  • Hear, speak, communicate, or see
  • Learn, concentrate, think, or read

The main aim of the 504 plan is to allow students with disabilities to learn in the same environment as regular students, with the support of accommodation services and educational aid they might need.

Ten Accommodations Provided Via a 504 Plan

  1. Extended assessment time
  2. Permission to take a break or walk around the class
  3. Visual, technological, and verbal aids
  4. Pre Approved breaks for medical checkups
  5. Less classwork or homework
  6. Verbal assessment
  7. Modified learning materials such as textbooks and audiovisual materials
  8. Adjusted lesson schedules
  9. Support on behavioral management
  10. Physical or occupational therapy

How Do I Get a 504 Plan For My Child?

The 504 plan covers children who come into a regular learning institution with acute medical conditions that may impact their learning process but are not eligible for IEP or special learning services. You’ll need to work closely with your child’s school.

A 504 plan removes learning barriers and allows students referred to special education services who are short of eligibility criteria to interact appropriately with the rest. If your child requires support with specific learning issues, report it to the school management as soon as you can.

Once the case is recorded, the head of the school schedules a meeting with the 540 plan committee. The table below shows some individuals who may be interested or present for this meeting.

Individuals who might attend your child’s 504 plan meeting:

  • The principal
  • Classroom teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Parents, foster parents, guardians
  • Special school personnel such as guidance counselors, social workers, school nurses, or a psychologist

The 504 planning team will review the medical and academic reports of the child and interview you and the student to determine if the student is eligible for the 504 plan. It takes an average of 40 to 60 days for your 504 plan to be processed fully.

DoNotPay Can Help You Request Testing for 504 Accommodations

The process of getting a 504 plan for your child is not a straight one. Disagreements might arise in the planning team or within the 504 plan itself. These disagreements will further drag along the waiting period.

DoNotPay has a fantastic tool, Testing Accommodations, that helps simplify all educational and testing accommodation for students with disabilities. Here is how to request testing accommodation:

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And that's it! DoNotPay will write a letter to the company administering your exam laying out the case for your accommodation request both with respect to that company's internal policies and relevant disability law. You should receive a response soon.

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