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Request Testing Accommodations

Sample Letter Requesting Testing Accommodation That Works

When you or someone you love deals with a disability and needs special testing accommodations, you want to make sure that happens. However, it isn't always as easy as it should be. You're looking for a sample letter requesting testing accommodations , so you can make sure they're available when it's . . .
Request Testing Accommodations

How to Draft an Extended Test Time Accommodation Letter

Do you have any special needs, medical condition, or disability that interferes with your ability to use time constructively? Extended test time is one of the most prevalent testing accommodations issued to students with disabilities. While time extension is a highly controversial testing accommodation, . . .
Request Testing Accommodations

How to Get an ADHD Accommodation Letter from a Doctor

SAT, ACT, LSAT, and MCAT. Those seem like irrelevant acronyms, but they hold high significance for many college-bound and graduate students. Standardized testing has become a fact of life for students from elementary school through high school, to college, and beyond. Standardized test scores are used . . .
Request Testing Accommodations

Sample Letter to Request Accommodations for ADHD Students

Students with ADHD struggle with attention and focusing on activities that are challenging or seemingly unattractive to them. The school system has to adjust the learning process to accommodate these students in the typical learning environment. The adjustments have to extend to testing accommodation . . .
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⭐ Sample Letter of Accommodation for Students With Disabilities

Students with various types of disabilities can receive accommodations when taking standardized tests. To prove their disability, they need to have a letter of accommodations from . . .
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Easily Request LSAT Accommodations In 3 Steps

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a requirement for many law schools in the United States and Canada. The test aims to assess your skills, which determine your success in the first year of your studies in law school. The test is unfriendly and difficult for most students, especially those with . . .

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How to Get Extended Time on SAT

How to Get Extended Time on SAT Easily Learners with documented learning disabilities may qualify for extended time on the SAT. The option for an extended time is different from student to student and is dependent on the type and severity of their disability. Getting approval for extended time on the . . .

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