How to Get GRE Extended Time for ADHD Students

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How to Get GRE Extended Time for ADHD Students

Exams are almost never friendly, bringing with them a lot of anxiety and stress for students. It can be even more complex for people with health-related challenges like ADHD. It is good to know that there is room for help for students with ADHD through the GRE testing accommodation that provides for extra time, an ergonomic keyboard, braille versions of the exam, and other modifications.

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What Types of GRE Testing Accommodations Are Offered for ADHD?

To provide efficient services, ETS is devoted to serving students with ADHD and health-related needs by offering auxiliary services and reasonable accommodation to give the purpose of the exam.

Some standard auxiliary and testing accommodations that you will be able to access are:

  1. Extended Testing Time

All exams are timed as follows:

  • 25% (time and one-quarter)
  • 50% (time and one-half)
  • 100% (this is a double-time, thus needs proof of documentation)
  1. GRE Accommodations
  • Trackball
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Screen magnification
  • Intellikeys keyboards
  • Keyboard with touchpad
  • Selectable background and foreground colors
  • JAWS with or without a refreshable braille device
  1. Aid for Spoken Direction
  • Oral interpreter
  • Sign language interpreter
  1. Alternate Exam Formats
  • Recorded audio with large-print figure supplement
  • Large-print exam book
  • Recorded audio with tactile figure supplement
  • Braille
  • Recorded audio
  1. Assistance
  • Human Scribe
  • Human Reader

Who Is Eligible for GRE Extended Time?

Having ADHD symptoms doesn't mean that you qualify for GRE extended time accommodation. If you report only for test anxiety or issues, particularly difficulty in a daily organization, difficulties in concentration, or time testing, you don't qualify under diagnostic criteria for ADHD.

Similarly, having problems with executive performance doesn't qualify you under the ADHD classification. In this category, you have to show proof of ADHD symptoms using detailed documentation demonstrating you are adversely affected by your condition.

ADHD Documentation Information.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Your evaluation must have been carried out by qualified health experts with comprehensive training and experience with an adult or adolescent ADHD population. It can be a school psychologist, psychiatrist, or neuropsychologist. You must indicate details about the evaluator, including name, certification, employment status, and area of specialization.
  1. You should submit the following documents to show proof that you need accommodation:
  • A document addressing DSM-5 criteria to support the necessity of testing accommodation - It must have a specific diagnosis of ADHD based on current diagnosis criteria. The document should rule out alternative illustrations like medical conditions or non-cognitive elements. Moreover, to enable the EST to differentiate your range of typical behaviors and developmental patterns, the document must address the frequency and seriousness of the ADHD symptoms.
  • A document serving as proof of early disability and current impact - ADHD is reflected in childhood or early adolescence. The provision of reasonable accommodation is based upon evidence of the present effects of the disorder on your academic performance. The document must incorporate the diagnostic assessment carried out by a certified doctor.

How to Request for GRE Extended Time for ADHD

If you have a disability requiring extended time or any other kind of health-related problem, you must follow the accommodation request process and fill in the form. Thereafter, you can submit your request by using either of the following methods:

  1. Email
  2. Mail
  3. Online. You can request an accommodation view approved accommodation online in your ETS Account. To request accommodation and view the report, log into your ETS account, select GRE accommodation status/New application. Then, under the test-takers with disabilities for health-related needs section on the home page, follow the guidelines.
ETS Disability Service Contacts
Online AccountETS Account

Phone Numbers1-609-771-7780


Mailing AddressETS Disability Services

225 Phillips Boulevard

Ewing, NJ 08618-1426 USA


Requesting for GRE extended time for ADHD is not an easy task. There is too much documentation needed to serve as evidence of ADHD symptoms. You will have to spend hours filling in the form.

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